Risky to leave MK on a 9 crowd day?


We are going MK on December 23rd. Is it safe to leave the park for a few hours during the afternoon? The day is at a 9 crowd level. We are staying onsite and we have reservations at BOG at 4:40PM so I want to be sure to get back into the park. The park is open till 1:00AM and we want to stay late but we are also arriving for early entry a good hour before the 8:00 early entry opening.


9 days don't generally hit Phase 4 closure and if you are on site, have already been in the park, and have an in park ADR, only a Phase 4 would prevent you from getting back in. That being said, I would check with Guest Services before you leave to see which closure level they are at just in case.


Thanks, I appreciate your help!


Christmas and New Years are about the only consistent times of the year where Magic Kingdom can and will close to new entry - I think its a risk.


There will be reports of closing on Lines. If it hits a 3 , it might be a chance it will hit a 4 locking you outbut the closures are temporary. Usually lasting an couple of hours early afternoon, certainly not into the evening.


In the afternoon? Yeah, you should be fine, especially if you return after dinner.