Rise of the Resistance

Traveling to WDW in November 2020 and planning on visiting Star Wars area in DHS (with small children) one of the days we are there. Obviously, this may change between now and then, however, based on the “Boarding Group” process for Rise of the Resistance, when is the best time to “sign up” for a Boarding Pass if you’re not sure when you will be in the Star Wars area through the day? I’m not sure exactly what point during the day we will be heading to Star Wars area when we travel to DHS. So, if we are planning on getting into that area during the evening (and spending the evening there), should I wait until the evening or later part of the day to sign up for a Boarding Pass? My worry is that I sign up early in the day for a boarding pass, and then we are running to Star Wars land to ride the Rise of Resistance in the morning or around lunch time, when we aren’t planning on being in that area until later in the day. This may be unavoidable for the time being, however, just trying to make sense of the process. Hope my question is understandable. Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you!

That is a million dollar question!

I don’t think anyone can answer that question with any certainty right now for November 2020.

Are you following this?

I don’t know how long he will be maintaining that thread but I’m sure people will continue to post their experiences. Just read those.

Right now, you better be in the park close to opening for any shot of getting even a BBG, that won’t be called until sometime in the afternoon.

It would be way less stressful if you plan a full day at HS instead of half days.

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No one (Not even the Touring Plans gurus) can speak for November 2020 because boarding groups may not even be a thing then. But as of right now, the prevailing plan is you need to be tapped in several minutes before official park opening, then get on your phone and be ready to get whatever boarding group you can because they are going to run out in 5 to 15 minutes and only accept backup groups thereafter. There is definitely going to be issues with some people when there boarding group is called at the same time they have an ADR, so I’m thinking that maybe that is the day you skip the ADRs so you can be more flexible for lunch.

Trips to WDW are so exciting and you’re are talking to the right people about planning so far ahead. However, as previously mentioned, ANY discussion about the indefinite future of SW:Ge is all speculation and rumor - for now.

I know it’s hard to wait, but you’ll probably have to wait a few months before you can even speculate on how SW:GE will operate for November. GL!

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Our next trip is in May, and Hollywood Studios is so frustrating right now because there are so many unknowns about attractions high on our lists of “must dos.” I have made my ADRs because I’m sure things will change even by May. I’ve also prepared myself and my children for the possibility that we WON’T be riding some of the rides that they have deemed absolute must-do’s. That way if we DO get to ride them, it will be a big bonus.

As of right now, you can’t choose what time you ride ROTR. You have to follow the herd of people into the park right before park opening, then right when the park opens make a mad virtual dash on your phone in the app to get whatever boarding group you get. There is no choosing. If you get a boarding group, you have two hours between when they call your group (via text) and when you tap into the ride. So even if they keep this system, which I am very sure they won’t, I would (and did) still make ADRs in the park. Depending on the timing of the alert, it might not affect the ADR at all. If the timing does seem like it will affect an ADR, I’ll try to change the time, or talk to a cast member about the situation. Sometimes they can be accomodating. I’d rather have the ADR than not! I am planning my entire Hollywood Studios day as if Rise of the Resistance and Runaway Railway don’t exist, keeping in mind that later those plans will most likely need to be altered. The thought process for me in doing this is that way I’ll be informed enough about line patterns in other attractions that I will be able to adjust more easily.

It’s really a frustrating situation for those of us trying to plan. I think the best thing is to be patient and open to changes as they are happening.

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Totally understand the frustration.

We were in WDW in December and made the executive decision not to RD HS. We live in California and can get to DLR relatively easily.

I never finalized my TPs for HS because of ROTR.

On December 15th, we tapped in around 8:45 and amazingly got BBG 119. We had an ADR for Storybook Dining at 8:10 pm. We were called at 5:30! We got on all the rides, and TSM and RNR 2x. We left HS at 7:30.

It is less stressful if you plan a full HS day.


The opinion of TP staffers in to plan a “normal” day w/out RotR in you plan, but be flexible. You do have a two hour window to return to SW:GE once your party is called. So even if you are in a show or ADR when you get called you should still be able to make it back there with minimum fuss.

I’m trying to work that out now. We are planning two days in HS in May. Originally, I planned to focus on SWGE our second day, but not go into the parks until after lunch.

Unfortunately, the whole BG idea ruined that. So now my plan is to make a few plans. First, move SWGE to HS day 1, and arrive for opening and hope for a BG. If we get one, I’ll focus on SWGE around the time we get ROTR, and do the other aspects of the park until then.

If we don’t get one, then that day shifts to a NON-SWGE day. Then, for our HS day 2, I will invoke “RD HS” plan to try for ROTR again. Whether or not we get ROTR, we’ll do SWGE. But if we managed ROTR on Day 1, however, then day 2 I’ll use our “arrive after lunch” plan instead.

It is crazy. I don’t have issues with any of the other planning struggles people have (such as with Tiers), but the inability to plan ANY aspect of ROTR is bothersome.

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This is how I’m looking at it too. DHS is now a two day park. (It’s always been my #2 favorite - after MK so I’m loving all the changes / additions)

In my faux TP plans that I’m testing ATM - I have one day dedicated to SWGE that has big chunks of unplanned time to “explore” and be in the back section of the park. I’ve planned times to meet SW characters and such as well. If I have a large window of free time I can go into TSL or something.

Then day 2 is RnR / ToT / SDD and the front half of the park.