Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue -- returns, with changes


I like that there are multiple chances. I tried in Feb with the first day HS opened at 8am. With two phones and having practiced the steps, we weren’t able to get a BG until 8:00:40 and our BG was so high it never got called. That was our only day in HS. We would have loved the chance to try again.

Hopefully this is permanent.

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I think this will work so much better, having it at 3 separate times!

Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Technically, your chances are greatly reduced at each time because theoretically, you will only have 1/3 of the amount of queues available at each round, but I suspect there will be more available at the 10am vs. the 4pm queue. They might split it up like 50/30/20.

You’re still best off being there by 10am because then you get all 3 tries. But maybe with reduced capacity it won’t matter? How reduced would the capacity need to be for everyone to get a spot at some time?

Not sure but at the CM preview today there is no VQ being used and wait times were around 15 minutes.

Is there an AP preview for DHS? Or just two days of CM previews?