RIP Josh Humphrey from EasyWDW

Just seen this on the EasyWDW forums.

RIP Josh :cry::cry::cry:


You and I posted at almost the same time. I’ll delete mine.

Awfully sad news.

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I couldn’t post it.


I always enjoyed Josh’s writing. He was funny and candid and I appreciated his insights. Truly a big loss to the Disney community.


oh my gosh.

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Josh had a podcast, Walt Loved Podcasting, he did with Blog Mickey and another blogger (I don’t think I ever knew who the other one was) but I keep on thinking about all the times he would be with Tom Corless (especially food related) and how much the two of them would make each other laugh. It breaks my heart.


I found myself on a renegade message board after a dust up on DIS in 2014. He seriously pushed the buttons of a member, but responded to their call out by participating and finding a very decent middle ground. It was very encouraging and that is what I remember most about the man.


Oh, man. This is devastating.

He was one of my favorite Disney bloggers. I loved his wit/honesty.


Oh wow. That’s so sad. Disney fandom lost a good one.


This breaks my heart. I used to read him all the time.

How shocking! I loved his blog. So many great tips on how to plan your days. I noticed there were barely any updates since Genie+ started (because I kept going back to see what he had to say about it!). I think he had been sick in the fall so I assumed that was why he hadn’t been able to post very many blogs.

This news is heartbreaking. Reading his blog always made me laugh. He was an amazing writer and had a great gift of keeping things in perspective.

How sad! I have been a member of his site since the early days and I always enjoyed his sense of humor.

Heartbreaking news. :broken_heart:

Wow, :cry:

I’m so sorry to hear this. I read his blog all the time when planning for my last trip, in 2019, and often went back there to check out what he was saying b/c it was so thorough and well thought out. I’m personally sad tonight.

I wasn’t familiar with this particular blog and didn’t know of Josh, but sad for his family and friends and those of you who enjoyed his work. Yet another reminder that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone. Make the most of every day.


Does anyone know what happened?

EasyWDW was the first real site I got into when I started to become a serious Disney planner. I loved all of his blogs and dedication to putting out great content for Disney planning. I’ve not heard his podcast amd may give it a go. Didn’t realize he had one, but of course he would. (Very new to podcasts in general)
This is truly sad news. Prayers sent up for his family, friends and communities.

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