Riding with Jerks!

It’s not what you’re thinking!

I’m trying to avoid riding anything with lateral jerking motion, and also very bumpy rides. They put back & neck warnings on everything, but that doesn’t really tell me much. If I avoid those rides it’s basically everything interesting!

I have a bad spine (among other things I ruptured my L4-5 disc on the Drop Zone at Great America, but my neck is more the problem now)

My question is about the “new” rides (we haven’t been since 2012). Specifically, FOP, Na’vi River, SDMT, SDD.

Rides I cannot do are: Kilimanjaro Safari, BTMRR :cry: , SM, Primeval Whirl, TT, ToT and RnR.

Rides I can do are Everest, probably KRR, most of the kiddie rides, Buzz, TSM, HM, Mission Space etc. If a rollercoaster is smooth it’s no problem. I have done Dinosaur.

Any advice about these newer rides would be appreciated.

I can only answer for SDMT; if you can do EE you can do it. Its the smoothest roller coaster I’ve ever done.


Dinosaur is probably the source of all your problems then!

FOP should be fine if you can do soarin
NR is like its a small world
SDMT is smoother than barnstormer and EE

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Haha, perhaps!

I did ride Dinosaur- not sure I remember anything about it! I usually tell them I can’t go because of my back but really- I’M TOO SCARED!! No problem taking a pass on that one.

I thought the WDW Space was meant to be really jerky, which is why my family don’t do it. Disneyland is seemingly much smoother.

If you have ridden the WDW one then fine, but I’d hate for you to be deciding it’s OK based on DL’s ride.

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Unless they have altered the ride recently, the Mission Space Orange at WDW is fine with me. I can handle the gs, and the swoops, and the sudden (gulp!) stop near the end. I think the problem with MS is the feeling of zero-gravity and the nausea it causes.

If you’re talking about Space Mountain, that I definitely can’t do!

In 1975, when it first opened, SM at WDW was much smoother and somewhat faster; it’s now over 40 years old and is still running on the same track. They’ve installed breaks to slow it down in places, but the fatigue is catching up with it. The whole ride inside really needs to be replaced, but that would be a long down time, and even in its current condition it’s one of the most popular rides in the park. Maybe after Tron is up and running they’ll do something with SM…


With the old FP system, my kids used to use my tickets to ride SM over and over. I never go in there, I just ride TTA and people watch!

Oops, sorry! Misread your post, thought you listed Space Mountain as a “can do”. :joy:

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Ditto for SDD. It is very smooth.


I sympathize! Smooth, metal railed coasters I can tolerate. Rickety or wooden coasters jiggle my brain too much, misery! I cannot do ToT or Mission Space Orange, as I’ve fainted on big drop / zero gravity rides before. Alas, me grand astronaut career ended before it began!

That’s one thing I adore about WDW: rides can be fun & entertaining without beating a body half to death.

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Yes! Also, the theming is outstanding. There is plenty for me to do while waiting for the kids & spouse. So many times I’ve seen neat little details others miss, or performers most folks rush by on their way to a ride. When the family goes to Universal, I don’t even bother. I can’t ride the rides. I just wander around Disney on my own.

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Did you read on another thread that a person can actually go through the themed queue and first part of ToT, then use the chicken out exit before the dropping elevator? I’m excited for that now! Love the theming of that ride, just have to skip the drop.


Yes, I did see that! I’m also thrilled to try it. How dumb I never thought about that possibility before.

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