Riding the train during parties

I haven’t ever found myself trying to stay for a party, and last year to watch Hallowishes I had dinner reservations at the California grill, I’m also not going during the party season this year. So, this thought isn’t for me, but I was wondering if anyone had tried riding the train during MNSSHP? Do they check bands on that at each stop? Or could you hop on around 15 before regular closing and just keep riding?

I know people have tried eating at 1855 and eating really slowly, so just another thought.

Last year I went to two parties. They seemed to start checking for bands before 6:30. For the Christmas party, I tried to get to Main Street since I wanted to see it snow right at 7:00. Wow! The crowds being ushered out we’re all backed up by the CP ( they had opened the back gate). I cut through Casey’s into the stores and people were arguing that they were there well before 7:00 and wanted to finish their shopping. I think they are ending FPs and ADRs earlier this year to try to avoid this.

They closed the train for our party! We tried to ride it at 6:55, but they said we missed the last one. :frowning: I’m not sure if they always close it, but my guess is that they probably do.

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With the way they are canceling late fpp and Adrs for mnsshp I am thinking they are going to shut stuff down earlier for non party guests an make it easier for them to be ushered out??!!??

I agree with you. I think they learned last year that they have to.