Riding All WDW Transportation in the Shortest Amount of Time

I have a friend that is planning out their next WDW trip. They are staying off site and want to ride all of the major forms of WDW transportation in as little time as possible. It’s a larger group (15+ people) with some of the group never ridden any form of WDW transportation.

Here are their guidelines:

  1. They want to end at Disney Springs with their vehicles (they will be driving from their off-site hotel) for dinner plans.
  2. Ride all 4 major forms (Water, Bus, Monorail, and Skyliner).
  3. Minimize riding the bus (both in number of times and length of bus trips).
  4. Stop at the Polynesian for Dole Whip
  5. All free transportation, if possible.

What is the most efficient and timely way to accomplish their goal?

Here is my first thought:

  1. Drive to Disney Springs and park their vehicles there
  2. Take boat to Port Orleans French Quarter
  3. Take bus to Epcot
  4. Take Monorail to TTC
  5. Take Monorail to Polynesian
  6. Take bus to Hollywood Studios
  7. Take Skyliner to Riviera
  8. Take bus to Disney Springs

There are likely a great many combinations that would work…and whether any one of them is faster or not will depend a great deal on luck in terms of when you arrive versus the transport is actually there or not.

Not sure if you might want to include the MK Ferry to/from TTC in your options. But the boat from DS to POFQ is definitely lovely.

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I like the idea of adding in the option: TTC to MK via ferry. They can ride the monorail around to the Polynesian from MK. That would add a 5th form of transportation. That can be a game-time decision for them.

OMG this is the exact path I was going to suggest before I finished reading!

Yes, do this!!

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If that plan is what you thought, then that means I may have reached a new level of Disney planning because you know all the WDW things!

One of the delays they may face in all of this has to do with group size. At any one of these stops, they might not all be able to board at the same time, and force them to have to wait for the next vehicle. As such, I would highly recommend they target doing this trek during the middle of the day when demand on the transportation will be minimized.

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Lolz, I don’t know about that! But I think it’s a pretty nearly perfect plan!

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I think that is what they were planning. This is going to be their final day of their trip (they will already have finished all of their park days).

What about the friendship boats? You could bus to BC/YC or BWI and take the friendship boat to hS and then skyliner.

That would really top off the list! I’m not sure they will add another mode of transportation after the list I gave them… :slight_smile:

Ok so if you want to minimize the bus I would bus to Riviera or CBR or Pop/AoA and take the skyliner to Epcot. Then hop a friendship boat to HS (Cresent Lake is way more beautiful than the boat to FQ). From HS take the bus to Polynesian for the dole whip and then ride the monorail around through the hotels. Hop back off at one of the mono resorts and bus back to DS. That’s only 2 bus rides and by playing roulet on which of the SL resort buses come first it will speed up their time too.

Shoot that’s still 3 buses. Ugh.


Your plan does eliminate one step, so that should make it more efficient/faster:

  1. Drive to Disney Springs and park their vehicles there
  2. Take bus to Riviera
  3. Take Skyliner to Epcot
  4. Take boat to HS
  5. Take bus to Polynesian
  6. Take monorail to Contemporary (or GF)
  7. Take bus to Disney Springs

And I’ve tried to figure out a way to do just 2 bus rides, but I can’t seem to make it happen!


Step 3. Take Skyliner to HS
Step 4. Take boat to Epcot
Step 5. Take Monorail to TCC
Step 6. Walk to Poly

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I’ve seen the fatal flaw in my plan. They’re not going into the parks, are they. Never mind!!


If there was a way to get from the International Gateway to the EP monorail without going in the park, that would really help!


I was actually going to post the opposite. The ride from DS to PO was so pretty. Crescent lake is…meh. So I would choose Friendship boat to PO over the one from HS. (They are both fine, though )

Does the boat to Congress Park take less time than the boat to PO?

The boat goes to The Springs, not Congress Park. But it is faster. But it also misses the prettiest part!

This requires entering the park. I think they don’t want to do that?

Oh I see you realized the error of your ways. Carry on.

Ok here’s my crack at it:

  1. Park at Disney Springs
  2. Bus to Riviera
  3. Skyliner to BC
  4. Boat to HS
  5. Bus to Poly :icecream:
  6. Monorail from TTC (or transfer from Poly) to Epcot
  7. Bus to POFQ
  8. Boat to Disney Springs

This way you get the most amount of Monorail (gray) with the shortest bus routes (brown) other than that long one from HS which is just inevitable one way or another unless you take the Monorail both ways from Epcot. Also allows two kinds of boats. A third boat and more monorail could be added by going from Poly to Contempo between steps 4 and 5.