Rideshare to Swan for DHS during RotR BG crush?

I read a recommendation to take a rideshare to the Swan and walk to DHS from there, rather than getting dropped off at DHS and possibly stuck in a line of waiting cars.

Is this a good idea? Any issues with Lyft/Uber and Swan drop off?

I’m not really sure about other recommendations, but I’m planning on Lyft when I’m there next month. Interesting suggestion for a drop off at swan instead. :thinking:

Don’t know about the Swan drop off but did Lyft to DHS twice last week and didn’t have to deal with anything unusual when getting dropped off 45 minutes and 30 minutes before park opening.

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It would be a shorter walk to get dropped off at Boardwalk if you decide to go with this plan.

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Swan and BW are almost exactly the same walking distance to HS from the hotel front.

That said, I haven’t heard of any major issues with driving straight to HS in the morning, hopefully someone with actual experience can chime in?

What were the CLs like on your days?

@dfz1 CLs were 7 and 6 for my 2 DHS days.

I’ve read lots of reports of being dropped off at HS with no problem. If you show up 30 min or less before park opening, there will probably be a decent line of cars at dropoff, but shouldn’t take more time than walking from BW / Swan. If it really worries you, better option would be just to show up 10 min earlier at dropoff than you would otherwise.