Rides to avoid with a back injury

Hello Liners, my DH hurt his back this Spring (herniated disk) so we had to postpone a June WDW trip until October. Part of our plans included DH taking DD7 on some of the more exciting rides while DMIL and I took the little ones (DS5 and DD3) on other stuff. Most of the roller coasters we were going to skip anyway because the kids are so little, but now we are rethinking even the milder rides we thought he would do. Can you guys tell me, of the following rides, which you think he can still do and which he should skip with a recovering back injury?
Test Track
Mission Space (Green)
Frozen Ever After
Seven Dwarves Mine Train
Tomorrowland Speedway
Kali River Rapids
Tower of Terror
Star Tours

Many, many thanks!

He definitely needs to skip Dinosaur! I would say possible Star Tours too. I am interested in what others think about ToT- I believe it may “lift” you up a little but I do not think there is much stress. The two that immediately come to my mind were RnR ( more the pressure on the neck) and Space because it is hard to climb in.

Mine Train is a very smooth ride and as long as those hard plastic seats are ok I think the ride would be fine.

Most of those listed aren’t really that bad presuming space isn’t an issue. If he’s real tall, he might be cramped on 7DMT or a few others which changes the equation. Dinosaur is pretty bumpy and could be jarring, but of those listed, that one would worry me most.

Space Mountain was the one that immediately jumped to mine as a concern for me as it can be jarring at times…

If he isn’t recovered, I’d prob skip them all except Frozen, which is the same ride track as Maelstrom and I don’t believe is very turbulent except for mild backward drop.

If he is pretty much recovered, then I think you could add 7DMT, Tomorrowland Speedway (whose driving though?)

Def stay away from Dinosaur, ST, TT. Very jostling!

Oh sorry forgot Kali…that is a smooth ride. ToT…I think that’s prob fine. You go up and down quickly on some of the ride sequences, but you don’t “hit” bottom. It’s bouncy

Guessing all are a no no.

First of all, ask your doctor what sorts of rides/motions he should avoid.


Definitely ask your doctor. I think Star Tours would be fine. Even my mom, who has severe back pain, can tolerate that once or twice. I would also say that the Tomorrowland Speedway should be fine, if he can get himself into the car. The ride is really tame, although there could be some hard breaking (which he would be doing, not the toddler) if the cars in front stop.

I’d stay away from any rollercoasters, Test Track, KRR, Dinosaur, maybe. Frozen Ever After should be okay. Also, don’t forget that Pirates of the Caribbean has a drop at the beginning. He should be fine, but he should be aware of it.

Thanks guys. There were some surprises there. I expected ToT to be a no-no but it’s towards the end of the trip so if he’s feeling good he’ll probably do it. And I figured TT would be fast but smooth so okay, but from what you’re saying, I think he may skip it now.

As an aside, DINOSAUR was one I wanted to ride but had originally offered to sit it out with DD3 since she’s too little. Looks like DH is gonna be hanging with her instead.

If anyone has an opinion on Mission Space Green, I’m still all ears.

I have only done orange but I think your body is stationary durning the whole thing. The G force keeps you locked in the seat. Your stomach is another story. I cannot imagine green having more movement but I hope others have experience.

I know this wasnt on your list…but the Barnstormer in Storybook Circus seems very jarring to me! Its small and for kids…but herky-jerky! I really didnt enjoy that ride!


TT is smooth for the fast part, but it takes some hard corners in the beginning (to test handling), so it throws you to the side of the car.

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Oh, wow. Thanks. That is on our itinerary but I didn’t ask about it because I thought it was meant for little kids and so I didn’t think of it as threatening. That’s another one he will have to sit out. Any idea about Mission Space Green?

The thing I remember most about Mission Space (green) is that they drop a shoulder restraint bar on you. I can’t stand those, so never went after the one time. My (young) son says it’s a little shaky, but not much. (what does he know!)

You could ask a CM when you get there. They won’t recommend the ride if they think you’ll be hurt.

I would ask a doctor as others suggested.

I realize ToT is “bouncy” but that also means your backbone is “bouncing” with the ride. Discs in the back are for cushion between the bones, and the compression and releasing of discs that happen on this ride may not be ok. Of course this all depends on which disc he’s having trouble with that will determine which rides might affect it.

Many times people think if they aren’t in pain, then their body is ok. There’s stress you can put on parts of your body that you don’t realize is happening. Back pain and disc problems are some of the hardest to treat/cure so I’d definitely check with doctor so that your trip isn’t ruined by aggravating the disc too much.

Sorry, kept forgetting to ask DH about this! He went on green in 2015. He remembers the wicked spin factor and then the simulation of a crash landing…which he thinks had a bit of jostling around but nothing serious…but nothing serious might mean something comety different if you have an injury! Sorry this wasn’t very helpful!

My DH has chronic spine issues and he is able to ride Tommorrowland Speedway, Kali River Rapids and Star Tours easily. He tried Dinosaur and will not ride again. He also avoides ToT and SDMT. No opinions on the rest.