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I am getting increasingly concerned about the number of rides that go “offline” at MK every day. Is this a real problem? We are only going to MK on one day so if something is closed it’s not like we can visit on another day. Thanks for any insight!

Typically, they are brought back online within minutes or hours (same day). I was extremely bummed that 7dmt went down on the only day we had a fastpass for it, which was our arrival afternoon/evening, with a 7pm FP. If it did not come back up, we would have no opportunity to ride. They will give an “extra” FP with no time limit, but not one for another day. However, it was back up within about 30 minutes, we were able to ride, all’s well. If we’d had a full day, and a morning or early afternoon FP for the ride, there’d have been no real concerns about it being down. I’ve never experienced a ride being down for an entire day unless it’s a scheduled refurb.

Ok, so this “extra” FP – how does that work? Is it automatic on my ticket (card?), or do I have to get something from the cast member at the ride?

It’s automatically granted electronically. It will show up in the MDE app or at one of the kiosks if you want to check. When a ride is down during my FP time, I also get an email alert to tell me that I’m getting the “anytime” FP. Last time this happened, though, I want to say that 7dmt was excluded from this anytime FP unless that was the ride that was down, and I’d guess that you’re unlikely to have Primeval Whirl go down and be able to use the substitute FP for Flight of Passage, for example.

If the ride goes down after about 6pm usually they will give out the extra fp that can be used for almost any ride, any park including the next day.

Also if you are already in the queue but have not ridden, you may need to get appear ones from the CMs.

The extra fps are in addition to your own, and you can still make your own 4th, 5th fp too.

When you see multiple rides down at the same time it is likely due to lightning in the area. So, It is good to keep this in mind when working on the afternoons in your touring plan - if possible you might avoid putting at least some open air rides in the plan around that time.

If you get one, it might come either way. I had a paper one from one ride, and also I got one that automatically populated in my mde acct when Test Track went down. I think when Splash went down, paper ones were offered to those that chose not to wait.

The rides might go “down.” Don’t get mad, they are taken down for safety reasons. It happens. Just deal, you’ll still have a boatload of fun. I will completely admit I got ticked with Splash and Test Track, but it all worked out. When you’re waiting in line and not moving for ten minutes, and the cm’s don’t know what the deal is, ppl get cranky.

It’s still better than being at work.

Short downtimes happen all the time in every theme park, but until the advent of apps that put real-time data in your face all day most people could spend the whole day or even several days in a park and never even see a closed ride.

Amen. Yes it is! I’ll take the bonus FP for the inconvenience over stinky work any day.

Typically if the ride is down, there is a safety concern as already mentioned. Or, someone threw up on the ride and they need to hose the vehicle off. I prefer to keep that under the “safety umbrella” so as not to spoil the magic.

That’s what I needed to hear. Thanks.


Protein spill!

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