Rides I Can't Ride Anymore

Has to be an age thing. When I was younger I’d ride everything but now I steer clear of anything that spins. It must’ve changed around 25-30. I can’t even spin two times around without getting dizzy nowadays.

So yea, no teacups for me.

I can’t ride iasw, but that’s because of the restraining order - last time I brought a bag of softballs and was chucking them at the stupid singing dolls. :wink:


Around the age of 30, give or take, something changes. Did for me. I used to love the spinning rides, and I was always frustrated that my dad would never ride them with me. Fast forward a generation, and starting around 30 years old, I’m, too, standing on the sidelines watching my kids spin happily without me. :slight_smile:

Even coasters with inversions I have to limit somewhat, now. :frowning:

At Disney, I can do MOST things, no problem. But I come off Mission:Space Orange feeling a little green, and I avoid the Tea Cups for sure. I’m fine for everything else, though.


Just turned 40 and I can barely sit on a swing any more without feeling queasy…

We did Six Flags NE last year (or I guess now it was the year before last!) on 12/30…found out that when you ride Batman in freezing cold temperatures you can’t smile or your teeth hurt from the cold. Have not been back since…

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Mission Space, Primeval Whirl, and Astro Orbiter :nauseated_face:

I can handle some spinners still at 29 but I’m sure my days riding those are limited.

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Just ride it out! You can do it! Around 35, I had one year where most things made me queasy. I am now 44 and can do it all! :muscle:

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I’m 46 now.

Keep Trying! (I am totally kidding, of course…)

Any coaster that has over the shoulder / head restraints. I can no longer take the mild concussion I get by having my head knock against the restraints. Doesn’t happen at WDW much. RnR has them - but is pretty smooth overall.

Hulk at Universal is a no-go for me now after my last trip.

Its so frustrating bs up until about age 45, I did ALL rides over and over. Sometime around 50, cant do EE. The backwards rush made my vision go dark. Ack!

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That’s because it is in the dark. :wink:

But seriously, a “gray out” as it is sometimes called on a coaster is sometimes a result of low blood pressure, or dehydration, or even mildly low blood sugar can cause it.

I’ve never been able to do the 360 films, and I’ve never liked MS orange, but I think that’s actually getting easier for me. There’s nothing I can’t ride. My parents (turning 65 and 70 this year) still ride everything except the teacups.

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I actually blew out a disc in my back on the Drop Zone at Great America. The warnings are for real- but I didn’t know I even had spine problems until that day…

I haven’t been on TT, Dinosaur, Space, BTMRR or RnR in a long time. This trip I added KS- it’s rougher than it looks. Next trip I’ll have to pass on EE- I used to be able to get away with that one, but this time my neck was saying no more.

On the other hand, I never get motion sickness.

The new rides are much better, so I’m looking forward to more of them.