Rides I Can't Ride Anymore

The last time I rode Space Mountain I tweaked my back. As the ride went into one of the turns my body slid left is how it happened. And every time I ride RNRC I feel nauseous and sort of like I was in a fight. :laughing: I guess I’m getting old …
Any ride or rides you just can’t tolerate anymore?

Space Mountain now makes me feel like I’ve been beaten up…just too rough & jarring any more. RNRC wasn’t as bad but it’s starting to feel a bit too harsh, too. I’m recently all too aware of my stomach on the backwards portion of Expedition Everest :(.

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The Tea Cups, or anything that spins, which is surprising because those were my favorite kind of ride as a.kid.

The trick is to ride primeval whirl first. Then it seems gentle!


“sort of like I was in a fight”
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SM is definitely jarring, but I think I still have enough of a feel for it that I can anticipate the jolts and still do OK.

On the other hand, an old woodie coaster at Six Flags NE almost took me out last year.

Found out last minute we had to activate our SF APs before the end of the year, so rode up on a very cold day after Christmas. The combination of bulky coats, being jammed in with my now 6-foot 16yo son and gloves meant I couldn’t control where I was in the seat. Got off feeling like someone hit me with a baseball bat!

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RNRC was rough on DH and me on our last trip. I remember that I used to think that it was a very smooth ride…not anymore! I’ll still ride it anyway!

A wooden bat?

Sorry, I’ll go now…

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I know that this is the WDW thread, but the Matterhorn at DL is the one that I can’t ride at all anymore. I always get a leg cramp. every. single. time.

I broke a vertebra in my back while riding a coaster. Primeval Whirl is out for me. I still do the other coasters, but I have to brace myself tightly with my arms and legs. It looks like I’m terrified to ride, but the alternative is not to ride at all.

The thing I like best about WDW is that there are very few rides that I can’t ride anymore. At our local theme park (Canada’s Wonderland) there are only a couple of rides I can go on. Between my fear of large roller coasters and the way anything that spins makes me nauseous, it’s not really worth going there anymore.

At WDW about the only one I have to avoid now is the Teacups. Too much spinning!

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I agree. Rode it for the first time last year. Never again.

I don’t care for the spinning rides and will never request them, but if my kids ask me to go on the teacups, I’ll never say no. But if they ask me to spin the cup faster, you can bet I’m going to make them feel my pain and beg me to slow down!

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No more spinners for me. Before having kids I never got motion sickness. We live near Busch gardens va and the tempesto there now makes me nauseous just looking at it. I definitely almost lost it on the spinning ride at cedar point, too. I dont plan on riding space, primeval whirl or the teacups and I’ll probably skip rnr too. Otherwise it’s on! And for reference I am only 34. Something about those babies, man…


The tea cups and RnRC. I can’t spin like that anymore and the take off on RnRC bothers me for some reason.

I can do teacups once but my daughter would ride it all day if she could. She asked why it’s so short - because adults can’t handle it more!

Mission Space Orange. Did it once. Never again. I didn’t even bother with Green last time. It is the only ride that has ruined a day at Disney due to nausea. I do suffer from motion sickness, but normally Bonine does its job.

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Can’t do spinning rides, circlevision 360 movies, simulator rides; they all make me queasy. Because of retina problems, I have been advised not to ride rollercoasters or any attractions that jerk my head. That’s ok, I sit with the granddaughters too short to ride, or hold onto bags and sunglasses for those riding.

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I forgot about Mission Space! The absolute worst ride I have ever been on. Felt sick for hours afterwards. Never again.

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