Rides for 4 yr old at epcot

Has anyone let there 4 year old child ride soarin, mission space green, or test track? My DD’s are of the height requirement. I think yes, DW thinks no.

I can see soarin and TT. MS might be a little intense, even the green version.

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DS4 went on Test track and Soarin on our trip last year when he was 3. We did not try mission space with him.

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Depends on your children, of course, but I think most 4 yo will be okay with Soarin’. We took our cautious youngest daughter on it at that age and she was fine.

The speed part of Test Track was a bit overwhelming for our daughter and she didn’t like the ride for that reason.

Mission Space height requirement at 44" was a bit too tall for our daughter, so we didn’t do that at that age. I think most children will be okay as long as they are okay with tight spaces and will feel safe from your being with them.

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Thank you all, i will do test track and soarin, but not mission space, thanks again

My kids are on the “fraidy cat” end of the ride spectrum. In that light:

Soarin’ should be a huge hit unless there is a specific fear of heights issue.

Test Track is a big question mark. My kids were terrified of the indoor sections since there is a lot of jerking and whipping around.

Mission Space: Green is more intense than I thought it would be. Again, lots of jerking and whipping around and they really cram you into a pretty small space.

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