Rides Down and Adjusting Plans While in the Park

Just returned from a fantastic first family trip where, thanks to our touring plans, we were able to enjoy just about every ride with minimal waits even with CL of 5-8. But something came up that left me wondering what people with more experience would do.

On 2/22, Splash Mountain was closed until after we left the park. We had it as maybe our 4th ride of the day. I continued to optimize my plan all day and, even though the ride was closed, my plan kept telling me to go there next. I just kept ignoring Spash Mountain and going to the next thing on the list, marking it done, and re-optomizing. At about 4pm, I gave up hope and deleted it from my plan but was wondering what better option there might have been. I suspect that by just skipping over it, I wasn’t fulling taking advantage of the algorithms. Thoughts?

Did anyone mark the ride as “Down” in Lines? I would think that action would theoretically “Pause” the call for it, but I’m not really sure.

I marked it as “down” in Lines. Or at least I think I did. It was my first time using the app in the park.


Hopefully the optimizer nuts like @Len will weigh in on this one. That’s a great question, then!

Thanks for this, @dlbrand. Did Lines itself predict when Splash was going to be working again?

It looks like Disney was notifying us that Splash was down. The Optimizer has built-in functionality to detect this and work around it. In most cases we try to estimate how long a ride will be down, and plan for you to return some time after that.

If we thought Splash was going to be up at any minute, I can see the Optimizer always saying to go there next. But I think after a few hours of downtime, we would not have predicted it was going to come back immediately.

I’ll ask the stats team to look at this.

I didn’t notice an expected time for it to be back up in the Lines app or the MDE app. At one point, it wasn’t the next suggestion but the 2nd or 3rd down so maybe that was based on a prediction. My recollection was that it was pretty much telling me to head there next most of the day. But it was also a rough day. 7DMT and BTMRR were also down for big chunks of the day so there may have been a lot of factors in play. Thankfully, we lucked out with our FP times for those two rides and rode them when they were open.

OK. Thanks for this @dlbrand. We looked at how we’re doing this “it’ll be back up” prediction, and it can be improved. I have Steve looking at it. It’ll probably take a few weeks, and then it’ll be better for everyone. I’ll update this when it’s ready.

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Glad I could contribute something, however small, as I owe so much to TP and this forum.