Rides/Attractions Closed During Mardis Gras

We are visiting March 25 through March 31 2018. USF is open until 10 PM each night. Mardis Gras information says rides and attractions will close once parade begins, which is 7:45 PM every night. Does this apply to all rides and attractions? After the parade do any rides and attractions reopen until 10 PM? Thanks!

I’m triple checking for you but the rides are open after the parade and till park close. I’m confirming if the attractions on the parade route close DURING the parade as to reduce crowd issues.

Thanks so much! I looked around the web quite a bit and came up with nothing helpful so I was hoping someone more experienced with the parks would know. Helpful for planning evenings.

I checked and it seems the wording is about attractions around the parade during the parade. Attractions are open till close.

Thanks for your help! Have a good evening!