Rider switch query

Ok, say my hubby and I would like to ride an attraction that our kids aren’t interested in, so we use rider switch. I’ve read that once the first adult has ridden, the second adult then joins the fastpass line - does that mean they then have to join the back of the FP line or they cut in where you’re about to board?

They enter the FP line when you come out.

When you first approach the ride, go to the CM at the FP entrance. The second group to ride will have the rider switch added via their magic bands. Effectively that becomes an FP.

You can use it whether or not the first rider has an FP or not. The first rider(s) enter and tap into the appropriate line. When they come out, the second group (up to 3) then tap into the FP line. Two people therefore can ride twice - if say you had a 10 year-old they could ride with Mom and Dad.

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You enter at the end of the FP line.

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