Rider switch and fast pass

So how does this work now? When I went in May 2018 I booked fast passes for all of the adults even though we had to baby swap most of these. The adults in the second group never used their fast passes and they went to waste

On a couple of other groups I’m on, the standard seems to be that you don’t book fast passes for all adults. Is that right?

We had the paper tickets that allowed 3 adults back on the ride and was open all day. Am I right I. Thinking this is now scanned onto your band and you have a pretty small window to use them?


The “waiting” party doesn’t need FPP. If DH and DS ride first, then DW doesn’t need FPP. You get a “special” FPP for DW and DS to return later in the day. You have until closing to use the return FPP.

Also, you can use RS even you use the stand-by line. Just make sure to request it before you get in line.

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Great thanks. Its the big ish rides that we are going to switch so don’t plan to do standby for those ones (assuming I get the fast passes I want)

I have been told several times that the policy has changed, however, we went this past November and the second party’s FPP were untouched after the rider switch. I am going again in two weeks, and I had a late addition to my party which has left me without FPP for SDMT and SSD. I hoping that with Rider Switch we can still make it happen.

Also, we were told this past November that we had roughly an hour for the 2nd party to use their rider swap FPP, so we always did them back to back. I can confirm that there is a time limit in which the 2nd party can use the Rider swap FP

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In the end, you are at the mercy of the CM and sadly some CMs are not well trained in RS. My experience in over five visits since September is that the waiting party does not need FPP. I have tried this for FOP and 7DMT during CL10 days.

I recommend that you keep questions at a minimum. In my experience while observing other guests, when they start asking questions the CM regularly defaults to “it can’t be done”.

I keep my script simple, almost caveman-like:
“Hi. Rider switch. Please. She is coming back. And. He is coming back. Thanks.”

If you start the convo like: “Hi CM, I heard there was a change in policy but I read in some random forum that you don’t need a FPP. I’m not saying that that is true and I could be wrong but can you confirm if that is true…” then you are going to have a bad time.


I think it is more effective to have it all typed out, double-spaced, front and back. (Don’t even THINK about trying to print out what you want across TWO SEPARATE pages. That’s just too unwieldy!)

Oh, sure. Take the easy way out. You won’t get far in life with an attitude like that! :wink:


I also had no trouble with using RS to multiply FP’s in December. It really helped to “FP” multiple tier 1’s in Epcot and save some FP’s from EE, RnRC, ToT, and FoP.

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Wonderful. That’s the approach I will go with!

I was there less than two weeks ago. I had a two-year-old and a one-year-old in my group of seven. We used RS on everything they could not ride. If using FPP, only the first group riding needs to have FPP for that ride. The second group will have their Magicbands scanned and a special FPP will be loaded onto their bands to use when the first group returns from the ride. The second group can immediately get on the ride using the FPP queue once the first group returns. There is no having to wait a specified amount of time. There is no having to come back later in the day. You can use it right then and there.

You’re so right, don’t ask if you can do it, just tell them you are. They seem to second guess themselves if you ask.


I meant, you have until the end of the day to use it. You know, in case you need to take a break for a nap or something.

Thanks for this info. I need to put more thought into our fastpass selections now since we can have an extra on the ride switch rides. Good thing I am still 136 days out :sob:
I am not sure if I am allowed to ask this or not, but how easily can the bands be switched? We are traveling with my parents and I am sure there are rides the day of they will not want to ride. If my dad gets ride switch for him and our two bigger kids, could my husband switch him bands and actually use the ride switch with the two older kids?

This was very much how we went about it last time, just went up to fast pass, scanned the bands of who was going first and just asked for baby swap. Sometimes the baby wasn’t even that close by (oops) and they still gave it to us no questions asked.

Strange. You’d think they’d check with the baby’s parents first before giving you their baby! :wink:


It is like the ankle bracelets that house arrest criminals wear. If you remove them the Disney authorities will be notified!

Nah, just kidding, Lots of people do just that if any adults don’t want to ride.


Thank goodness, it was hard enough to get my parole officer to let me leave the state :wink:


I’m guessing its not officially approved, so i wouldn’t be obvious about it and do it right in front of the CM

I see many people wearing 2 or 3 bands PER ARM. The CM will not care.

Regardless of how many you’re using, only the first group has to check in during the allotted window, right?