Rider Swap with "Scared" Adult and Chicken Exit question

Sorry if this has been asked before, but trying to figure something out. I have two kids that are tall enough (just barely) to go on everything, but prefer to each ride next to me on fast rides. I have a wife who hardly does any slightly fast rides at all due to motion sickness.

Is rider swap really only for those families with little kids that aren’t tall enough? Or could I ride once with one child, and then use rider swap to ride with the other?
I don’t want to leave one kid with a stranger, and the two kids don’t feel comfortable sitting together (without me) and naturally waiting in a line twice is not much fun! Any experiences like that?

Also, do most rides have “chicken exits” at the end? Wondering if we do just wait in line if my wife can at least be with us up until the ride. Would be nice to not have her just sit on a bench all day. :slight_smile:
Thanks all in advance!

Just book everyone the same FPP. Use your FPP to ride with one child then use your wife’s FPP to ride with the other child. I don’t think you can use rider swap in your case.

@skmbrobin yes to the chicken exits. I refuse to ride tower of terror and I waited in line with my family then walked to the exit where they were waiting. Hope this helps

TOT is one that you can have a child on each side of you. So that one you can all ride together.

Thanks everyone for the input so far!

So I know somewhere in the blog there are pictures of all the ride vehicles - maybe just search ride vehicles on the TP blog? They might not be totally updated with new rides, but I’ve seen them. So I know they are there :slight_smile:

If you can’t find a solution where you can always sit with each of your kids, might help to show them some scenarios in advance so they can see that they’ll be right in front of you, right behind you, etc. - particularly on rides that might make them a little nervous.

From what I’ve read, most rides do have chicken exits. My kids aren’t big enough for me to have had to worry about it much, but I definitely figured it out for TSMM - I had a stomach full of Tonga toast from the Poly and saw the motion of the cars swinging back and forth and jumped ship quick. Pretty sure that would be an easy ride for the three of you to ride together. My father later told me I had made a good choice - he knows how bad my motion sickness can be!

You actually can use Rider Swap in your case and do it as you mentioned. You get passes that are not attached to your magic band or name. I get motion sick and we do exactly that with our smaller children. There are no questions asked regarding Rider Swap passes when you ask for them.

They don’t ask if you have small children. OP’s kids are big enough.

Although WDW’s actual policy does state it can be used when someone doesn’t want to ride, in this case the person not wanting to ride is an adult and can be left alone, so I don’t see a rider swap pass being issued.

The easiest solution is to use wife’s FP to ride again as suggested. But bear in mind that she then won’t be able to enter the line and use the chicken exit - because she’ll have to use her FP to get in the line even if not riding. So you’ll only be able to do that on rides where the 3 of you can sit together and you don’t need to ride again.

Thanks again everyone! Very helpful information.