Rider Swap Question (Split Party, Multiple Kids)

I understand that you can only have 1 riderswap pass at a time, but what about the situation with a large party on the same mde group.

Example: 2 families touring together for most of a trip, each with multiple kids and adults, but separating for a few hours at magic kingdom. Does the 1 rider swap rule apply per person or per mde group?

Could each family separately hold a rider swap for 2 different rides at the same time of they are all lumped as a larger group in mde? Or would each riderswap cancel out any existing riderswaps even if they are held by a different parent child pair?

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Each member of your party can only have one rider swap pass at a time. So if you have four adults in your party, two could have a RS pass for one ride and two could have a RS pass for another at the same time. One pair of you would have to use your existing RS pass before picking up another one.

If you had, say ~10 adults, you could collectively hold RS passes for 5 attractions if you divvied them up evenly among you all – at least in theory – I think this would get kinda unwieldy and unnecessary lol.

Most important thing is to remember who has one and who doesn’t.

Just to add – I almost never have more than one RS at a time in our party because it’s easier to use it immediately rather than having to backtrack to the ride again later. The exception is the first ride of the day – sometimes you want to hoof it to the next ride during EE and not waste time using the RS. For example, with SDD we have only had one group ride and then move on to TSM and ASS and then have the second group come back to SDD later.