Rider Swap Question Hack

We have 3 kids so we use the rider swap a lot. I haven’t been since it was a digital swap but here is my question. Half my group doesn’t really want to ride Space Mountain so none of us have a fast pass for it. Could we all go to the ride, get the rider swap added to “group 2” and then group 1 enters and then leaves the line immediately? Then we wouldn’t have to wait in the standby line but would be able to come back in an hour to use the rider swap? Do you enter the fast pass line each time for group #2? Do they track group 1 to see if you ever actually rode the ride?

I’m pretty sure they scan the FP line twice…once when you enter, and then again as you approach where you split into two sides. The second is to ensure someone didn’t just jump from the SB queue into the FP queue. But I don’t know that they actually use it to confirm you rode or anything. And I’m not sure with RS.

But what you could do is have them walk the FP queue to the second place where you tap in, then proceed as if riding, but use the chicken exit immediately in the back and come out through the gift shop area as if they had ridden it.

Someone mentioned that they did this the other day (ETA, not here). They went to do rider swap at 7DMT and one person got in the stand by line while the other 2 got fast passes to return later. The person in the stand by line then got out of line and the other 2 went back and rode at their designated time. They did ask the CM about the plan first who basically shrugged, but they had no problems.

Am I not understanding Rider Swap any longer? In the past when I’ve used it (2015), myself and my son could book a FPP just just us 2. Then we’d go up to the FPP entrance with my wife/kids, and let the guy know we’re doing Rider Switch. They would give her a paper ticket and we’d enter the ride. When we were done, she would re-enter the ride with my son at the FP entrance.

Does it still work like this?

There are no longer paper tickets involved. It is all done digitally, basically making a RS like a FP.

I just figured out a way to get fast passes for all the rides we didn’t have. So excited. My wife and youngest don’t care for roller coasters anyway.

Ok, I just looked this up and see what you mean. When I went before, only the initial riders needed the FP. Is that still the case? The people “waiting” do not need one, correct?

That’s still the case although some people have complained that FOP and Slinky Dog Cast members have sometimes required everyone to have a fast pass. My question was for rides that nobody has a fast pass though.

I can’t get one for FOP for example. So my wife and youngest who is y’all enough but done actually want to ride it could get in standby and we load the swap on our magic bands at the front of the line. Then my wife leaves the line and meets up with us. We go back in an hour and use the rider swap as a fast pass.

Yes, this “hack” will work. Often the RS setup is a little ways away from the line so if the first group doesn’t get in, they won’t really know. However, under the “old” paper system, they controlled for this by giving you the swap pass at the end of the line before you boarded. So they know that this “hack” exists and if too many people are doing it, they will most likely make changes and make RS more difficult for everyone again.

Correct. My son rode FOP 5x on 15 January with Rider Swap. He and I had FP at 1200. We rode; then he rode with my wife (who did not have FP at 1200). My wife and daughter (age 6 and too short) had FP for it 1545, though it didn’t really matter about my daughter having one. My wife and son rode first this time; he and I rode next. Separately I got two FP+ on a same day drop (1501 I think) and we got to ride again. He could have done it the sixth time, but my wife and daughter were done with waiting/riding by that point.

Yeah with the paper tickets sometimes we would forget and they would always give it to us anyway. One on Everest I asked for one twice and got it. One cast member was getting off work and as she exited the line with me she handed my son all her extra rider swap tickets which was only 3 but still that was awesome.