Rider swap question again

We are a party of 10 visiting MK in February, 6 adults and 4 children. I´ve been making fast passes. Do we automatically get rider swap or is this a different reservation. For instance, I´ve god fast passes for Space mountain, but the kids are too small. I have fast passes for all the adults, but did´t see anything about rider swap when I got them. is this still possible?

Not having kids I can’t really answer your question but ask one of my own: will you need rider swap for fast passes? Surely you could leave someone outside with the kids, then when you are back they can use their fastpass to ride since you have an hour window to do so. Or am I missing something?

I have no experience with this, but you are probably right. From what I´ve read this last minute it seems that if we use Fastpasses for the first riders, the second group can use Rider swap and we “save” a fast pass for another ride for the others.

So if all of your kids are too little to ride and you have a lot of adults, I don’t see Rider Swap being of a ton of use to you. It’s not automatically added, you need to request it when you get in line. There could be a strategy if you have some adults who REALLY want to ride twice, but it will take some coordination! I’m happy to explain more details if you’d like.

I went there with my son who was too small for many rides, you just have to let the CM know, and have the kids there and hey will give you a ticket to swap out. One way it sounds like you could do this is not have everyone show up at the same time, which could work in your favor so that you or others could ride it a number of times.

Are the kids under 3? If they are over 3 did you book them for space too? A rider swap pass is a paper fast pass for up to 3 people. You could book fast passes for all the adults at space and then show up with the children and 1-3 adults could wait to the side with the kids and then use their fast passes and save the rider swap pass for later- or you can book the kids and some adults on something else- all show up at the FP line- get a rider swap and go do something with the kids and their FPs and use the swap later- or with planning I guess you could get up to four rider swaps with those four children - of course that would take a lot of planning and work…