Rider Swap or Separate FP times for Epcot

DH and I want to ride Soarin with FP. Is there an advantage to using Rider Swap? Couldn’t I just go at the beginning of the FP window, then trade off with him and he rides towards the end of the window. I could even get us overlapping windows (9-10/9:30-10:30) to make sure we have enough time.
And second question, what would you suggest doing with our DS2 while the other is riding? Living with the Land is 15 minutes so that seems long. Figment? Meeting Joy & Sadness? (We’ll meet M&M together.)

The problem w that is if you both have a fpp for Soarin in the same hour window, you can’t take your kid on a FPP ride during that time unless he is going to ride something alone.

also RS lets you do soarin w/o using one of your three FPP.

Soarin not Spain damn autocorrect

The advantage of RS is only one of you needs the FP in the first place.

Yeah, so I think the correct thing to do is have 1 of you get Soarin’ and the other get TT or FEA. Then you FP/RS Soarin’ (which is about 15 minutes, even with FP) while the other does Living with the Land and then you can FP/RS Test Track while the other does Innoventions or the Test Track play area.

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That makes sense. I don’t think DH wants to do TT, but I’ll ask him again.

Or FEA and meet and greet or something. The great thing about Epcot is the number of “come and go” attractions. So you can take the kiddo to the aqauriums at the seas or the jumping fountains or whatever and do the swap there, never having to drag the kiddo back to Soarin’

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My kids DS4 and DD8 enjoy just walking around the pavilions and looking around. We RD joy and sadness b/c the lines get long very quickly so if you were contemplating living with the land, that would be shorter than a character meet and greet. Do the rider swap and then you have the ability to ride right then or go back later. That’s the benefit of the rider swap, there is no window.

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I think we’re going to to Living with the Land together, but I’m sure more time at the aquarium is a good option. Thanks!

Rider Swap does have a ~1 hr. window as of this summer.

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what? boo hiss…:-1:

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I’ve never been to DW since the implementation of FPP. So if I don’t have a wrist band thing do they just scan your ticket? And when do they scan it, at entering the FP line or right before you board the ride?

I think for most rides they scan it at entry to the line.

Yes they scan your ticket.