Rider Swap Issue at Epcot

First time using rider swap and I am trying to make the most out of our Epcot FPs. Traveling in July with myself, DH, DD9, and DD1. On our first Epcot day, we are going to MK in the morning and saving our FP to use at EP so that we can all ride FEA that day. For our second day in Epcot, we plan to arrive at RD, have a lunch ADR, and then see how the day goes (either stay through dinner, or take mid-day break and return later depending on how DD1 is doing). I had planned to FP TT as our tier 1 that day and do Soarin at RD with just myself and DD9 (DH doesn’t care for Soarin). But I really dread the “running” and having to arrive so early with DD1 in tow since to be at the front of the RD pack, we will have to arrive an hour prior to RD. I know DD1 will get antsy waiting that long and not being able to do anything.

If I make FP for myself for Soarin and then FP for DH and DD9 for TT would this scenerio work???:::
I make an early day FP for myself for Soarin. We arrive all 4 of us at Soarin and say we need rider swap pass. Can DD9 enter the FP with me right away using one of the RS pass? Or do I have to ride myself first going through FP line alone and return later with RS pass for DD9 and myself to ride again (DH will not ride Soarin)??

Then later in the day DH and DD9 would have FP for TT, we all 4 arrive there. We say we need RS pass. DH and DD9 ride through FP line. I stay with DD1. DH and DD9 ride TT using their FP. Then return later with RS pass for myself and DD9 to ride TT?

Does this make sense? Does my scenerio with Soarin work?

I think if you FP TT and RD Soaring you could get RS for you while DH and DD ride it. Then you and DD could go using RS. You then could FP TT and get RS. Hope that helps.

So, in your scenario, you’re thinking DD9 could go through the FPP line with you the first time? I don’t think that will work. Anyone entering the FPP line the first time will need a FPP reservation. IIRc, You don’t get the rider swap up front, you get a tag you trade in farther down the line. Otherwise, yes, you can do it that way. You can also get rider swap through the SB line if you do it at rope drop.

Your scenario for Soarin does not work. If you are the only one with a FP+, then only you will be able to ride. DH and DD9 may ride afterwards with the pass.

I need to caution you for relying too much on FP+/Rider Swap magic with only 2 adults. To do a back to back switch takes a while. You need to factor in going through the line, waiting to ride (even if it isn’t the standby line), the length of the ride and then exiting the ride. It can easily take 30 minutes depending on the ride. Then you have to figure out where/how to rejoin your family. You’ll need to occupy DD1 during this whole time.

We used it mainly when DS1 was napping and even then we only used the swap pass 50% of the time on a different day. We never rode back to back. We also had a 3rd adult with us a few times. It stinks, but you might want to think about saying “Mom rides TT” and “Dad rides Soarin” or something along those lines. It does get tough with DD9! You could hope for a same day FP+ on your first day and then save the swap pass for your 2nd day.

Last thought, perhaps you could arrive separately on your Epcot RD day? DH and DD9 could rope drop Soarin and you could arrive later with DD1. You would probably have to miss Soarin in this scenario though.

Doesn’t the little one have to be present to get a rider swap? I mean, not everyone can just get them, right? Otherwise, they’d be built into the strategies.

Yes, the “non-rider” needs to be present at the time the rider enters the line.

What if you get 2 FP for Soarin & 1 for TT? That would solve your problem for Soarin and only require 1 time through on that (you and DD9 together, both with FP). You’d then have to send 1 adult alone on TT, which is not ideal, and then save the RS for the 2nd adult+DD9. You need twice through on TT anyway, so it seems better than the 1 FP for Soarin. still not ideal, but better, I think. Of note, there is a play area at the exit of TT that could keep the kids busy (even the 1 yr old, but to a lesser extent). There is also a nice play area for little kids at the exit of Mission Space. This would be good for a 1 yr old who is walking.

Thanks everyone for your replies! @melcort10 I think I will plan on arriving separately with DD9 and DH comes shortly after with DD1 as he has no interest in riding Soarin at all. Thanks for that info!

Thanks for this idea!! I didn’t think of doing it this way. So if I get FPP for me and DD to ride Soarin and then FPP for DH for TT, he could get RS and then DD and I can ride that later using the RS?

I wasn’t sure where they give you the RS since this is our first trip using RS. Thank you for that clarification!

yes, exactly. but keep in mind that the child who’s too small to ride has to be present to get the RS. You all go to the entrance to the ride together, tell them that you’d like a RS, and then those riding go in while those not riding can go do something else. Then up to 3 people can us the RS anytime later.