Rider swap (is fast pass needed?)

Question about rider swap.

Example: I made FP for myself and my daughter age 6 for several big rides. My DH will wait with my 1 and 3 year old. I am not sure if the 3 year old is tall enough to ride. Just barely 40 inches shoes. I didn’t want to make a fp for him and then he not be tall enough. If for some reason he does make the cut, can he ride with my husband using RS even if he didn’t ride the first time?

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Yes, your 3 year old can ride with your husband using rider switch even if he doesn’t ride the first time.

Whether or not fpp is required for everyone who rides is not a simple answer. There are reports from some people that it has been required for some headliners, but others have been allowed to just have the first party with fpp.

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I am not saying it is always the case, but on our trip this last week, there were multiple times that we used RS for people who didn’t have a FP or ride the first time. The only time anyone asked or seemed reluctant to give us FP was at space mountain. It was just my husband and I and our DS 2. The CM asked if we both had FP. We said yes, she said then you won’t need RS. However when I explained that our son was not really interested in waiting for two rides. She gave me a RS for any time and I could switch the SM FP to something else. She was really sweet about it.


But if the 3 far old is being used the “unable to ride” person for purposes of obtaining the RS, how can the 3 year get the RS at the same time in the OP’s situation?

I would be using the rider swap for my 1 year old.


Do these rider swap fast passes show up on MDE app as a regular FPP when they scan you band as group 2? Curious if group two had a FPP for the ride but asked the CM for rider swap would it add or replace what you already had? Not sure if that makes any sense at all? Trying to wrap my head around this digital RS.

Here’s the deal. Rider Swap is a service provided to families/groups that have riders too young or too little or too afraid or just not interested to ride certain rides. If you approach a ride where none of you have FPP for that ride, you would request a Rider Swap for the person/people that will wait with the non-rider. You would then stand in the standby line, and when you’re done with the ride, the other person/people can go in the FPP line to ride the ride. Using the same scenario, if you approach the ride already having a FPP for that ride, then you would do the same exact thing, but instead of standing in the standby line, you would go in the FPP line. Once you get off the ride, the other person/people will enter the FPP line to get on the ride. So no you do not need a FPP for every person to use Rider Swap. If you want to use FPP for a certain ride, only the first person/people riding the ride need to have a FPP for that ride. The second rider/riders will just use the Rider Swap service to enter the FPP line once you have returned from the ride. People make it seem more complicated than what it really is, and I’ve never been given grief by any of the cast members. Half the time the cast members don’t really care. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve witnessed people going into the FPP lines for rides and pretending to scan their MagicBands without being noticed or pointed out by a cast member.


Your FPP stays and you get the RS for that ride added too. This is how it allows say older siblings to ride with both parents.

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