Rider Swap/FP+ Conundrum

As a followup to my other post (3 kids 1 parent) I now have an idea of which rides will be an issue with 1 parent taking 3 kids on a ride. So here’s the next dilemma as I am getting ready to make FP reservations and make my TPs.

Can you add a rider swap for a ride you already have a FP for?
If so, when used, which one comes off the MagicBand first?

Here’s the scenario: Mom, Dad, 9yo, 6yo, 4yo, 18month old(reason for rider swap)
Let just use Slinky, since all indications are that the 6/4yo cannot go with just 1 adult.

I make a FP+ for all of us to go at 9am for slinky

Group 1(FP+): M,9,6 - Rider swap put on for D,9,6
When Dad goes on does it take off his FP+ or RiderSwap? (or does it even matter?)
I would think Mom would only be able to get a rider swap FP from the my original.

Group 2(using Rider Swap): D,9,6

Group 3(FP+):D,3 - Rider Swap put on for M,9,3

Group 4(using Rider Swap): M,9,3

This allows mom and dad to each ride with the 3 and 6 yo. The 9 yo gets to go 3 times, but has to be by himself each time.

If FP+ come off first this changes things around a bit.

Why do you have 4 groups here? There’s just two groups. Those that ride first, those that ride second. I’m not sure I’m fully understanding things.

You can get Rider Switch (RS for short) for any ride that offers it, regardless if you have a fastpass for it.

  1. Determine your groups first. One parent and 2 kids in each group. Group 2 can have three people in it.

  2. Group 1 ride first and they will be the ones (if any) who have the FP booked for it.

  3. Group 2 get the RS added to their band before Group 1 enter the line. A Rider Switch is essentially a special fastpass.

  4. Group 1 enter the line, fastpass line if appropriate otherwise the stand-by line.

  5. Once they come out, Group 2 now approach the fastpass line and use their RS to gain admittance.

Thus Group 2 get the benefit of a fastpass, regardless of whether Group 1 had a fastpass or not. That is because they were the ones who wait around.


There are 4 groups because the groups change. If dad has a FP for the same ride and then ALSO gets a riderswap added then:

When Dad goes on does it take off his FP+ or RiderSwap first? (or does it even matter?)

I understand how RS works, just not in a situation where someone who uses RS also has a FP for the same ride.

If I recall correctly from when I was in a similar situation, it took my FPP first, but I don’t recall for sure. The people with FPP riding in the second party may need to speak to the CM at the FPP entrance and make sure it takes the correct one.

A way around this would be to not get your FPP for the same time. Ex. M,9,6 have FPP for 9AM-10AM. D,3 have FPP for 10:00AM to 11:00 AM. At 9:30AM, M,9,6 ride and do rider swap. At 9:45AM (too early for D,3 FPP window) D,3,9 ride on the rider swap. Then, at 10AM D,3 ride again with FPP, getting rider swap pass for M,9,6.

The part that matters is that if you go up to the CM and request the rider swap and they see you have a FPP, they may refuse to give you the rider swap (to prevent an infinite loop of getting rider swaps on rider swaps and going through the FPP line over and over).

You’re making it really hard for yourself. If everyone has a FP you don’t need rider swap, you just need the first group to go early enough in their window that the second group still gets in by the end of the window or grace period.

Just talked with someone with Disney. They said we can talk with the CM to solve the problem, but that the RiderSwap AND the FPP will be both taken off at the same time when the second adult goes through.

heidelj, I get what your saying, and I may look into that.(maybe have a day night split).

The other option would be to not go with one of the kids on each of the rides, but split up 6 adult FPP with rider swaps on 6 different rides.

Ah, I get it now! :joy:

I think then, that if you all had an FP (and remember that under the old system and at the beginning of the new system, some rides / CMs only gave RS if everyone had an FP), that this is what would happen:

Group 1 - Mom, 9, 6 - scans in for their FP. The RS is added to the 9 & 6yo. Dad doesn’t actually need one so won’t get one.

When Mom and the kids come off, Dad then redeems his FP and the kids redeem their RS.

Both Mom and Dad get to ride with some of the kids. Which is part of the aim.

Otherwise, ther could be an almost infinite loop, which would be an abuse.

If Dad did get a RS, then I think both the Fp and RS would come off together, to prevent the abuse.

We have a similar setup with my family. 4 kids. Only one old enough to ride alone. One too short to ride.

Have you considered splitting your FPs? So maybe D, 9, 6 ride with a FP and M, 9, 3 ride with RS but M and 3 could book their FPs for TSM and take the toddler while the first group rides? I know this tends to be somewhat controversial but it’s nice to have something fun for the waiting group to do while the first group rides.

How would your 6 y/o feel about 9 y/o getting more rides on SDD than him? I know my 6 y/o would cry foul over the unfairness!

I know the official policy is kids under 7 cannot ride with an older sibling unless they are 12 (?) but last year a CM allowed myself, DD7 and DD4 to ride on 7D with RS and I was the one who sat alone. I wouldn’t count on that being allowed but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

“If Dad did get a RS, then I think both the Fp and RS would come off together, to prevent the abuse.”

I finally got someone at Disney to confirm this. They do come off at the same time.