Rider swap, FP+, and no FP+ for the shorter set

For FOP, I’m planning (hoping!) on FP+ for DH/6 yo DS, and rider swap for myself (3 yo too short), and then doing the reverse for Everest, so we’re only wasting 1 FP+ each and can use our other two for other attractions with our 2 DS’s (DINOSAUR, KRR). Is this a risky proposition? MyTP has us doing the second rider right away, not going anywhere else (I’m trying to minimize walking in this hot park!), except if DS’s are riding, the 1st riding parent can head to something else (Wilderness Explorer?) while waiting on the 2nd parent. I’ve seen a few issues where people said that they were told they both needed FP+'s? I guess if worse comes to worse, we’ll just each skip one attraction like that.

HS: Looking to do the same thing for RNRC and TOT, since it’s doubtful either DS will ride those. We’ve both ridden these in pre-kid days, but it’s been a while! Any trouble expected there? Alternatively, we could do single rider if that’s an effective option at either.

Is there any reason to book FP+ for DS’s that they won’t use, to make it easier to pick up the 4th FP+, or will I still be able to book their 3rd if it isn’t used yet? I’m new to the FP/MDE thing.

We used this strategy a ton on our recent february trip. We used it for FOP, Soarin, Test Track, Star Tours, RNRC, ToT, Splash, Space, BTMRR, 7D…worked great! The only time we got push back from anyone was on 7D but even then they gave us a “just this once” warning and let us do it.

I think the single rider line for EE would be a good option. Cant speak to the TT and RnRC ones though.


Yes. We also did it 10+ times in December and had no trouble. Not even a question. The only disadvantage for rides like FoP is that the walk/ride/return time is SOOOO long (20+ min. each), but…not long enough to do anything except watch the guy in the mech or get a snack or something. Test Track, Soarin’, and Splash are also long rides when you include all the preshow stuff. When we did it with EE, I think it took us a total of 15 minutes total to do BOTH laps (no preshow). That was about the same for Thunder and 7DMT. RnRC, ToT, Splash, and Space (only due to the long walk) were somewhere in the middle. Maybe 20-25 minutes for both parties.

The reason to book an FP+ that you won’t use is that it will expire, allowing you to book same day tier 1. If you only book 2 initially and try to book the 3rd same-day, it will have to be tier 2 (assuming one of the first was tier 1).