Rider Swap Basics

Hi, I am looking for advice on Rider swap. This is our first time with a baby. I am having a hard time visualizing the process.

  1. Do we all go together into the queue?
  2. When do we get the pass?
  3. What do my son and I do while my husband rides? Do we exit?
  4. How and who can use the additional pass? We are traveling with myself, husband, daughter (6), son (7 months), grandma, papa, sister and her family of 4.
  5. Along the lines of 4, where do we go to use the pass?


You all go to the queue entrance. At that point the non riding adult ie the one staying with a on riding child is given a rs pass. You are free to go where ever you want the rest of your group enter the queue. To use the pass you go to the fast pass entrance to enter. A few rides issue the pass slightly differently sometimes for example they have trailed issuing pass to adult riding etc.
You can use rider swap in conjunction with fast passes as well to maximise repeat rides which I’ll let someone else explain. The passes have been valid until the month end so no rush to use back to back but this may/ might have changed. When we used them they were valid for anytime the same day but that was years ago.

This is for Disney Universals system is much different

I scheduled some special fast passes for myself (with the baby rifding on my ticket) when the others were riding the attractions the baby could not. For example, we all walked to the Star Tours line and got the swap and then I walked with the baby and used my FP for Disney Junior.

Is there the option to stand in line with everyone and the exit when its our turn, or wait until they return on the ride to take my turn?

No for 2 reasons 1 if a child/ baby doesn’t meet ride requirements guidelines state they cannot be allowed entry to the line 2 At almost every ride you get off the ride at a different area that where you get on so there would be no way to swap the baby. You have to go to ride exit to meet them Also ride platforms are very busy and there are no waiting areas at them so they would probably site a health and safety issue.

Universal has you all in line together and lovely air conditioned rooms to wait in inside the ride when doing rider swap.

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is the rider swap pass you get for the same ride only, or can you use it for a different ride? Also, online I have read that the rider swap pass is good for 3 people, even though on Disney’s website it says it’s only good for 2 people. Anyone have recent first hand information on how many people can enter with the rider swap pass.

Same ride only. Currently the tickets say 3 but they can change it to 2 at any time as per web site.

If someone in your group decides they are not going to ride at all (such as Tower of terror) still get a Riders Switch FP.
Then 3 persons in your group can go again. Or if for some reason you don’t use the FP, then you can give it to anyone that happens to walk by. It will make them very happy.

Maybe someone can confirm, But I think you can get a Rider Switch FP even if your group is going through the Standby Line.

That’s my understanding.

yes. The idea being that the other parent can ride without having to wait in the main queue again.