Rider pairings

I was reading from another post that kids have to be a certain age to ride without a parent. What do you do when you have 3? DH and I are large, broad shouldered and I have hips (3 kids, you know?). We were planning on me and DS5, DS10 and DD8 together and husband alone. DS10 alone is a no go b/c of anxiety issues. Now I’m worried I need new plans with 2/3 times for each ride…

DD8 and DS10 can ride together with or without a parent, but DS5 has to be with a parent. Ages 7 and under have to be in car with someone 14 or older.
ETA ages 8 and up can ride alone or with someone older but not supervise someone7 or under.

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Thank you!!! I am relieved!

We have 3 kids, 9, 9, and 6 and were just in Disney in May. On most rides, the 6 year old rode with either my DH or myself. On BTMR, he was able to ride with his 2 brothers in the same seat. My DH and I were either in front or behind them in the next seat (we rode about 6 times on our trip).

Thank you!