Ride Time from one end of Skyliner to the Other

I just can’t find this info anywhere, though it seems like it must be out there somewhere- do we have any idea how long the ride from EPCOT to DHS is supposed to take if one is using the Skyliner?

I want to go to DHS for the fireworks at 9:30 pm after EPCOT DiveQuest (which ends at 7:30) and thought it would be fun to take the Skyliner over there. Any thoughts or advice? Would anyone hazard a guess how long it might take to get from The Seas to DHS? I might try to squeeze in a ride or two at DHS before the fireworks, if possible.

Thank you!

There are 3 lines, each of which will be 3-5 minutes. But you would change at CBR to get from DHS to Epcot or vice versa.

So IG to CBR - around 5 minutes
CBR to DHS - 3 minutes approx.

You need to factor the switch at CBR. Any lines will move quickly though.

However, from The Seas to IG is 10 mins. Then at DHS you need to get to entrance and through security / tapstiles (depending on how security works, there aren’t any details yet). I would allow 30 minutes in all.

Depending on what kind of view you want of the projection show, you could maybe fit in a couple of rides. But if you wanted the best view you’d need to get in place 30 minutes before perhaps.

Of course if SW:GE is open, then all bets are off. DHS could be at or near capacity, and if everyone gathered to watch the fireworks you may find it hard or impossible to get to TSL for example.

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Thanks! I was allowing 30 minutes but wondered if I was being overly optimistic. I think it would be the same (or longer) to walk, or take the boat or bus.

We’ll be going in late May, so SWGE will not be open, and perhaps not the Skyliner either but if it is, it would be a fun way to get over there. I already figured we wouldn’t get the best viewing spot, most likely we’ll be coming from ST so hopefully not too horrible of a view, wherever we end up.

Now, if they were showing scenes from the OT during the fireworks display, I WOULD be there up front an hour ahead of time. :rofl:

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I’ve personally not seen any solid estimates of expected travel times for the different lines. The other big question will be how long will the wait times at EP and especially CBR actually be. But it all may be moot; I wouldn’t really expect to see the Skyliner running much before summer, and possibly not until Fall.

Yep, we’ll see!
I think they will be fast, though. Doppelmayr makes some pretty incredible rides, they’ve transformed downhill skiing by putting thousands more skiers on a hill per day than the old non-detachable chairlifts. Part of me is just interested in seeing their latest in action!