Ride temporarily close

I hear that whenever a ride closes temporarily will be issue an extra Fastpass? If so the extra Fastpass needs to be use on the same day and park, or can be use in a different park same day?

Usually in the same park on the same day, with ride restrictions. If it’s in the last hour of park opening, it may be for the next day, any park.

And if it’s in a park with tiers, remember you haven’t used that FP so you’re still in your first 3.


And also, the Any Time FPP doesn’t count towards the total you can have at one time, so you can book another one to replace the one you lost.


To clarify, you have to have a FP for it during g time it’s down. If you’re just trying to do SB you most likely won’t get a FP.


Yes I made a big assumption there that the OP knew that and I shouldn’t have, thanks for clarifying.