Ride restrictions

Hi Everyone! We will be in Florida in Sept and I’ve read a lot of conflicting info about what you can and can’t bring on the rides. We are trying to avoid using the free ride lockers as much as possible. Is it safe to say that we can bring lanyards (with cellphone inside) and/or small fanny packs on all rides with the exception of RRR and Hulk? There is no way around not using the lockers for these 2 rides right?

I always use a f.pack and I have never been stopped from boarding a ride or been asked to use a locker. The pack is black and although I don’t hide it, I don’t flaunt it either. It is a proper hiking pack with a double clasp attaching system so I am absolutely certain that it will not fall off. I don’t know if this makes a difference, but I am quite petite, so I have no problem closing any ride bars/restraints even when wearing the pack.

Yes, it is my experience that with a small, clasping fanny pack, the only rides that you will need to remove it for are Hulk and RRR.

Not so sure about lanyards. Fanny packs should be okay. But some of the rides, like Forbidden Journey, flip you around a bit, so I can see them not allowing it. I’d stick to fanny packs.

Now, I will say that using the free lockers was actually a breeze. I mean, nice to avoid them if you can, but if you have to use them, it goes pretty smoothly.

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Just to chime in with @ryan1 that the free lockers are really easy to use and don’t take a lot of time. My husband ran in with the backpack and was back in about two minutes every time. The only problem was at Revenge of the Mummy. The lockers were too small to hold the full backpack. We had to empty most of the stuff into one locker and put the backpack in a second locker. This meant two of us had to go into the locker area.

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I was thinking that we would avoid bags too, at least when we did the wet rides, but I had forgotten about the interactive wands. How big are they? I’ve also heard the lockers are rather small, any thoughts?

The wands aren’t that big, (a pencil and a half☺) but they come in a box with a map. It wouldn’t fit in a f.pack. Could you buy the wand late in the day and do all your magic after the rides?

The wands, in their boxes fit easily in the lockers. The only problem was the lockers at Mummy were too narrow for the full backpack.


If you guys are staying on property, and were going to be using your wand in the day, you could ship the boxes back to your room. We did that, so we didn’t have to keep carrying them, and the wands fit easily in the locker. Others on here gave a tip that I use every time I go now: take a removable pencil eraser with you to UOR, and it can be used to protect the tip of your wand when it’s in a backpack, or in the lockers.