Ride restraints question

We are going to WDW in February with our family of 5 - me, DH, DD10, DS8 and DD4(turns 5 in June). This will be our 2nd trip - our first trip was in Oct. 2017 when DD was only 3. We rode Barnstormer with her and I in the seat together - and I am more “pooh sized” than average, so there was quite a bit of room between her and the single restraint bar. She liked the ride, but said her butt coming off the seat so much scared her - even though I was holding onto her pretty tight. Our other kiddos love the coaster type rides, and I think she will, too - but the single bar restraint thing makes me nervous that she’ll be scared by moving around too much. She is 41" tall now, so she’ll meet the height requirements without a problem. Can anyone tell me, with the larger rides, which ones have single bar for all riders and which have individual bars? I found a blog post about it when I googled, but it was from a few years ago, and I want to be sure the info is current and didn’t change during refurbishments. We’ll probably start out with Barnstormer again first and make sure she likes it before we go bigger, but would like to know which bigger ones have the individual lap bar to start out with as well if she does well on Barnstormer. Thanks!

Thunder and Splash both have a single bar for each row.

7D is 2 across, each with individual bars.

Space Mountain is one-across, three per car, 2 cars per train.

RnRC is OTSRs, and at 41" she doesn’t meet the height requirement yet. EE and SDD are individual bars.


My son and daughter won’t ride with either of us for this reason. They ride together. Obviously not an option for you, just commiserating.

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The only one not mentioned yet is BTMRR, and if I remember correctly, it has a single bar.

So funny. I read the thread starter as pertaining to BTMRR. I see now that it was Barnstormer!

This also made me nervous. But we only did 7dmt and I was happy it was two separate ones. Following to see others experience.

I believe I said that. :wink:

A bit of parental advice on this subject. Because of the bar issue, if your child is at all hesitant, it becomes your job as the parent to hold your child tight against you in a sideways hug so that they feel secure. While the safety of the ride is not compromised by the looser bar, it certainly doesn’t help in building a tentative rider into an adrenaline junkie! But if you secure your child in lieu of the bar, they will feel much better about it. After a few times riding like this, they start to get used to the experience and are more tolerant of less restraint later.


I never thought about this. We did 7DMT with both of my daughters before. One liked it. One did not. Wouldn’t go back on it. But, she is the one that has autism. Maybe she is scared of that, and I could ride with her and hold her to help her feel more secure. I know 7DMT has individual bars, but me holding her could help her feel safer.

Definitely agree with this! When my daughter and I rode 7DMT, she was nervous at the beginning and was kind of holding her head down for the first few seconds of the ride. I wrapped my arm around her and she immediately relaxed and was able to look up and enjoy the ride. And afterward she said she loved it :slight_smile: