Ride question for events

Okay just thinking about this, my last MK day is a party night and I am not going to the party.

I know after 7 you need to make your way out.

Let’s say I am on line at splash mountain and I have been for some time on standby, and it passes 7 before I get to the ride, do I still get to ride it even though I am not part of the event? Now I am not saying I will run onto a line that is a 40 min standby at 6:55, like I have been on line since 6:30 and almost at the ride.

And what about a meet and greet line??

You’ll be fine. Like all other park closing times, as long as you’re in the queue when the park closes, you get to do the attraction or the meet-and-greet. The one exception is for meet-and-greets that are party-specific. For example, you can’t get into the queue for the Seven Dwarfs meet prior to 7pm and expect to meet them. CMs will patrol the queue lines and inform everyone they need a party wristband in order to meet them. But for all normal operating day attractions & meets, you’re fine, just be in line before the park closes at 7pm.

That is what I thought, tanks @Mr_Itty. I just am sitting down now to figure out all of my touring plans as a baseline for my days in the parks. I thought is was a good question to pose and for others to see. Thanks again.