Ride / Experience you like - but your family doesn't

So on our last trip we split up a bit and the last day my son and I hit Epcot.

We went to Epcot when it first opened in '82 and I FULLY miss the “educational” EPCOT CENTER. I miss World of Motion and don’t even get me started on Horizons.

So I also liked “living with the land” - to which my family fully disagrees. They roll their eyes and mock me (more than usual). They don’t even get the name right. They call it "The land of the living, living with plants, and “That horrible boat ride - no not mexico - the other one”

So does anyone here have a ride that they love - but their family hates.

I always used to like the Maelstrom even though nobody else did. I also like Carousel of Progress a lot more than most people under 65, I think.

The Mad Tea Party. My husband absolutely hates it. He’s such a wimp and wouldn’t let me spin it at all last time we went. He said I will be riding it by myself next time. :confused:


My DS21 doesn’t like Splash mountain because he doesn’t like getting wet…I know it’s really because of the drop and doesn’t like to admit it to his little brother…he loves Kali river Rapids tho :joy::joy:

HA - ME TOO on Progress!!

I love SplM, but my wife hates getting wet in the park. She’ll go on it once with me, but that’s about it. I’m not a fan of getting wet either, but the experience of the rest of the ride outweighs the unwanted dampness IMO.

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I like Its a Small World. It just screams Disney.

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Living with the Land is up there for us - I like it, the rest of the family can take it or leave it. The Safari of all things used to be like that as it was my favorite at AK, but the family was lukewarm on it. But last trip I think they warmed to it somewhat. Not sure if me forcing them to ride it twice helped, or the dropping of the hokey “Simba 1” stuff allowed them to just enjoy the animals rather than being distracted by a mediocre story line.

I really loved Horizons! That was my sisters and I favorite ride! We would ride over and over so we could do all the endings :smiley: I love the Carosuel of Progress and the Hall of Presidents but my kids are too little and my husband thinks they are boring!

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On my birthday I hopped to EP by myself. I went to France and bought myself an ice real, then I went on Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth- both attractions my family will not do. It was perfect.


I am with you!!! Oh and American Adventure - Love it - they all think it is boring. What is more exciting than the history of your own country but cut down to just the highlights. They don’t know what COOL is - HA

My family is split on Small World, with strong emotions on both sides. It’s my favorite!

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I love CoP and HoP… and American Adventure. My family: “Who wants to learn things at an amusement park?” Me: But it’s Disney!!!"

Oh well, I go by myself… and occasionally someone will tag along…

I used to ride Horizons like a mental patient. I loved that. As a whole I LOVED Epcot CENTER (yes CENTER). I was 12 and it had a decidedly 80’s view of the future. Everything was larger than life, and made a statement. Future world was devoid of distractions (no club cool etc) thus adding to the impressiveness of the individual pavilions. There were no “tomb stones” in the main plaza and the fountain had this simple acrylic centerpiece to it. It embodied “THE FUTURE”. You could always faintly hear the background music. And - heaven forbid - you actually learned something while you were entertained.

You could make dining reservations via video chat at the base of space mountain (NO WAY!! I can talk AND see the person - who was probably only 20 feet away - but COOL!!!). Interventions had cutting edge displays and interactions. WOW some day we will have a computer in our home?!? There were no characters less Dream finder and Figment. Journey into Imagination was a TRUE experience and DREAM WORKS was a kids Dream come true (yes you actually used to go into the pyramids). The fountains used to actually dance and when the monorail went by - you almost lost your mind.

Oh well


I love Journey into Imagination… but no-one seems to understand.
Then again I loved Veggie Fruit Fruit and Alien Encounter too…