Ride down, not converting to MEP

I currently have a 10:10-11:10 for Spaceship Earth, which is down (it’s 10:23). It hasn’t converted to an MEP. Any idea why?

I’m not 100% but if there is a possibility it will come back online before your hour is up it won’t convert.

Got it. I thought it was if the ride was down any time during the hour.

It converts to an MEP at the ride manager’s prerogative. I’ve had a Dinosaur FP+ (pre-pandemic) which would not convert, but then I’ve had a string of JCs that were insta-convert (so I was holding onto like 5 MEP passes)

But if the person managing the ride thinks it will be quick, he can pause the conversion.

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Just an FYI the CM’s operating the ride do not have this power. LL distribution is controlled by leaders so please don’t ask the CM’s at the rides to convert your LL for you.


Hence why I said the person managing the ride. The person over the ride operators has the call.