Rhinos Schminos

OK so I was hoping to book the rhino tour in May.
For the past week, Disney wasn’t displaying availability beyond the 60 limit.
Still weren’t displaying it this morning.

Now, suddenly, they’re displaying it. And there’s no availability until after our AK days.
WTAF Disney.

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It is so frustrating to be so ready at 60 days as we are told we are able to book and for them to not be ready, only to sneak-attack releasing these things :frowning:

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Maybe the rhinos are on Spring Break that week?

Is this common to fill THAT fast? Or are we thinking “disney glitch” here?

Yes good questions.

Who the heck knows anymore.

I would say no, not in times gone by. You could sign up day-of.

So it feels more glitch than anything. But late April is tuning up to be nutzo in the parks.

I checked for the first 10 days and there’s nothing until the 7th and then the tour’s available the remaining dates in the search range.
I’m wondering if it’s a glitch or if the rhinos are just off display for some… animal reason.

ETA: Elephants are available. Although I don’t think that tour gets you as close as the rhino one does so it might be lost on DD7.

well I hope if you keep trying it’ll show for you :frowning:

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There is only 1 rhino tour a day so it is entirely possible it’s sold out already. I did it in 2020 and had to take the only available time on my trip bc it was sold out all of the others.

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I had no idea that was the case! I guess I (erroneously) assumed it was like Caring For Giants which is offered numerous times all day long!

Learned something new today!


Yeah I think it’s at 11am if I remember correctly.

You are correct.

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What makes you think late April is going to be nutzo? I was hoping we would miss the craziness but it seems like craziness is all there is now.

Also we were hoping to book rhinos and have never seen any availability.

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I’ve been trying to book this as well. Being local with no hotel I can only look at 60 days! Hopefully it’s a glitch or they will open more times soon!

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Still no rhino love.

I noticed that the Elephant tour promises you’ll get as close as 80-100’.
Yikes. Do they provide the binos or should I bring my own?