RFID cups

I know the disposable cups at resort QS locations are chipped and limited to time/# of refills. Are they chipped at the parks as well? TIA

Are you talking about the Rapid Fill Resort refillable drink mug? I wouldn’t really call them disposable, in the sense that paper cups are throwaway, but these are like souvenirs to take home. These can only be refilled at the resort hotels. The four major theme parks do not have these. The water parks have their own.

Not talking about the plastic Resort (or WP) refillable mugs. Taking about the paper cups like you would get at McDonald’s. They are also chipped at the resorts - I know that. Wondering if they’re chipped at the Parks to limit refills as well.

The only counter service restaurant I have routinely gone to that has a refill station is BOG. I know there are a few others (oh yeah- WPE at DS too), but I would say that most counter service restaurants you order the drink and they fill it behind the counter so there is no need.