Reviews of Frozen Holiday Package @ HS

I am debating on doing the Frozen holiday package with the Osborne lights package. Has any one been that could share their honest feedback on what they experienced? My deadline to make a choice on whether to do it or not is fast approaching. Really need liner input! TIA

I’m interested in this too - just seems like a lot of money.

Me too… watching.

I agree. We are going during the mad crush of Christmas…I am thinking of reserving this just to get out of the crowds. I’d like to see the reviews too. It’s a lot of money just to buy a little Real Estate…but maybe worth it???

I would love to know if it is worth the cost. I would have loved to do the Tomorrowland Fireworks Dessert party but I missed getting tickets because of the change to being able to book 180 days out instead of the 60 days. So I want to know if the Frozen Holiday Package would be a good substitute? Any one out there that has attended the event?


Has anyone seen any reviews yet?