Review of the latest Touring Plans app

So I’ve been using Touring Plans since 11/2003. I’ve seen a few changes here and there, but the most dramatic was on the website and app for my 1/2024 trip. The planning stages were basically the same as they’ve always been on the website. But the app was entirely different, and not in good ways. I found it cumbersome, difficult to update, and the Disney World app for organizing your day was much more useful - shockingly enough. I was quite disappointed. I’ll maintain my subscription (it’s already paid up) for now. Hopefully the app gets better and more like it used to be.

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I, too, prefer the desktop site to the app. However, like most new tech, I played with the App a bunch and got better at using it. It’s got issues, for sure, but still better than just wandering around WDW clueless like most visitors! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent: