Review of Marceline to Magic Kingdom

In early October my husband and I took the Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour.

I have to say I loved it, it was about $75 for both of us, it starts at 8am, does not run on Tuesday or Thursdays. It was a little sad that we did not get to walk down an empty main street as our tour happened on an early morning extra magic hour.

You check in at the theater, they provide cold water. You get a keepsake name tag pin, and you get the use of a headset so you can hear everything your guide tells you.

You get a wealth of information on Walt Disney and some of his inspirations for the park and how and why he did things the way he did.

We walked up main street slowly enjoying the sights and learning more history.

Then we went to Liberty Square and the Haunted Mansion. We spent a lot of time here. We went over the murder mystery that is by the busts. We walked through the interactive part and learned of the names and why they are there and how the ride came about.

Then we got to ride the haunted mansion and had many things pointed out to us. Afterwards we were brought backstage and got to see and understand the magic of the banquet hall.

We learned about the 4 attractions that Disney had at the 1964 World’s Fair. It’s a Small World, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, which later becomes the Hall of Presidents, the base of the People Mover being a showcase for Ford, and Carousel of Progress, and how there was a three hours wait to get into the CoP, even though it could load about 250 people every 5 minutes.

We got our own private theater for Carousel of Progress, and learned many things about the show.

After this our tour was over.

It was great, I enjoyed it, it was worth it. A great tour. Now I have to go for the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. I am hooked.


We are doing the tour in January. Thanks for the review. CoP is a favorite and HM is a classic too.

Thanks for the review! I just signed up to take the tour in January after I read it.

I hope you. Both enjoy it. I love learning details anout disney, so this was very good.