Review my Touring Plans!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first trip since I was 18, and that was 18 years ago. It’s also my Husband’s FIRST trip! This will ALSO be our First Anniversary Trip (We Honeymooned at Disneyland). It will just be my husband and myself. We prefer to walk at a leisurely pace, and are into Pins and Shopping. Parades are ok, but Fireworks are The Bomb. We are staying off Property at Buena Vista Palace. Please take a look at our Touring Plans and critique it! All Fast Passes are just hypothetical, and I’m more worried about packing TOO much into the day then the order. Anything we aren’t doing that you think we NEED to?

Arrive 10/25 7pm – Disney Springs (We are staying right by Disney Springs, so we may pop in there any other time we have free time!)

10/26 Animal Kingdom CL 2 -
Dinner at 5:30 at Ohana – Will return to AK if there is Rivers of Light, If not to MK to Shop and Watch the goings-ons.

10/27 Hollywood Studios CL 5
We would rather do Star Wars Fireworks, but no idea if they are doing them in October.

10/28 Ebcot CL 4 -
We plan on leaving and going to rest at our Hotel for 3 hours after future world and before World Showcase. Day three so we wanted to not kill ourselves!

10/29 FREE DAY! This is a free day we have to explore the Resorts or go back to Ebcot or any other park we wanted more time in. This is a Saturday with a CL of 7 overall so we are going to play it by ear.

10/30 – Magic Kingdom CL – 5
We broke MK into 2 days, this day we are going to MNSSHP, and will be taking a break from 4-7 because I think the park will be most crowded at that point, and it will be a long day so a nap would be a good thing! Plus we can change into out Wreck-it-Ralph and Vanellope Von Shweetz costumes!

10/31 Magic Kingdom CL – 4
Second day at MK there is another MNSSHP this night so the park is closing early. Just going to finish up MK and say good bye! This is our last day! (And our Anniversary!)

RRC and Toy Story Mania are both Tier one, so you can’t get a fastpass for both. Rope drop either one of those and switch one fast pass to TOT.

Also, on your Epcot day, both Soarin and Test Track are tier one, so you can’t do both. You should rope drop one and fast pass the other. Since you want to do mission space, I would rope drop Test Track. You can then fast pass Spaceship Earth or Turtle Talk, mission space, and Soarin.

For your first MK day, I would rope drop or fastpass Peter Pan. Also, you can get in at 4pm for the party, so I don’t think you would want to take a break then. I would either arrive later in the day or take a break from 1 to 4.
For both MK days, you get 3 fastpasses, so choose the rides that have the longest waits, if they are still available. If possible, I would schedule them late morning/early afternoon so you can try for more fastpasses after you use the first 3. Fastpasses can’t be scheduled during the party (after 7pm).

Thanks for the feedback, I’m not sure how these tiers work right, I need to figure it out. Because I’m off property, I figure I’ll have to deal with what ever fast passes I can get. I fully expect to not get good times because they will be taken by all the on property people.

The reason I’m leaving MK from 4-7 is I fully expect to stay until after midnight, and I will need a midday nap, and our BOG reservation is at 1:25 (again the only one I could get for that day). The park will be fullest 4-7 because the party people will be allowed in, and the regular people won’t have to leave yet.

Amen to that! The last place I ever want to be again is at the MK between 4 and 7 on a party night.


Hahaha! And this will Oct 30th, so it will be EXTRA bad! Nap time is needed so I can handle the party unmedicated!

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Love your Animal Kingdom day! It looks just perfect to me. Others pointed out your DHS and Epcot FPP tiering issues, but those are easily solvable with their advice.

I think you’ve got some good solid plans that help you get things done and enjoy a more relaxed pace. Hope they do the Star Wars FWs in October, because the ones they had in April were my favorite WDW nightshow! F! was pretty good too, but if I had to pick, I’d pick the FWs!