Review my AK plan please =)

Will you leave early?

It looks good to me @chilepeppr4

@PrincipalTinker I don’t plan on leaving early but after meeting Pocahontas we would take it easy and try to meet some others… Or just head out and relax at poly. Not sure. Prob not enough to time to go back to POP then back to POly

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Looks great! Not sure how old your kids are but if they are tall enough to ride, it probably will be fine without ride swap. My 7 yo was a little squeamish about one of the big dinosaurs but otherwise fine. My 4yo found it hysterical. Question. Are your fastpass times your goals? Our trip is planned for the same time frame and I thought it was too early to book. If so, I love that you have them listed already. Great ready refernce when you are able to book!

@Anna_Wells these are times that fell good in my plans… Nothing says “we won’t use your time of dasrpass” etc…
Hopefully I can get around about these times when I book

you may want to add in more time for your afternoon rest. I see only 20 min and if that includes bathroom breaks and eating a small lunch, it may not be enough time. otherwise, looks like fun!

@mjsmomma I’m thinking now maybe i should give more time at the 1140ish break. I worried to eat to late since we have ohana this night

I think it’s brilliant! Use the tour plan when you book fastpasses and then if it something doesn’t work into the preplan, you can easily see what will work without losing too much! I’m going to do it! Thanks for the idea!

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@Anna_Wells I’m making a new plan right now, I was trying to realize how I do it to explain it better… So, I put in all the attractions and optimize it… Then I move stuff, only a few things to keep the walking down, and then evaluate it… Then I go down a make fpp reservations one by one evaluate after I add each one because that changes all the other times… Hope that makes sense lol

This is my first trip using touring plans so it all seems brilliant to me. I had noticed that sometimes the things I would want to use FP for were slotted in at weird times and there was sometimes a lot of walking between rides, I assume to take advantage of low projected lines. I just really like the idea of setting up tour plans and printing them out as ready guides to FP reservations when the time comes. Thank you for the idea and instructions!

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I would definitely recommend adding more time for lunch. I think extending the 11:40 break to 45-60 min would be perfect.

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