REVIEW: Animal Kingdom Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour (Nov 26, 2017)

I did the Ultimate Nights of Adventure Tour on Sunday, November 26, only because I only had one day planned at AK and did not have a FPP for Flight of Passage. Originally, I waited too long to book the tour originally and it was fully booked at the end of October. I called again the week before my short trip and was able to reserve a spot. When I arrived, I learned that there were 26 people on the tour.

The tour started at 2:30 pm in front of DINOSAUR so I arrived at about 2:15 to sign in, get my name sticker, and select drink (sodas, beer, or wine) and dessert (chocolate or blueberry). There were 2 tour guides and 1 coordinator. There was bottled water available for those that wanted some.

We had perfect weather and followed what seems to be the standard order (based on other reviews that I have seen):

Na’vi River
Flight of passage
Snack time
Kilamanjaro Safari
Expedition Everest
River of Light

We entered through the Fast Pass line at each ride. There were people with actual Fast Passes that would sometimes end up in the middle of our group so our guides always let them go in front of us and kept our group together through each line. If I recall correctly, we only had 2 bathroom breaks, but if anyone needed to stop, I’m sure there would have been more. At Satu’li Canteen, we had the sampler platter with tofu, chicken, beef, rice, potato hash, cole slaw, kale, and another green salad. There were 2 long tables and 2 platters on each table to share. There was plenty of food. I had already had lunch so I just tried a few things. You could easily make it a meal as there was a lot left over. At the snack, we received a River of Lights lanyard.

After Expedition Everest, those that wanted to go to Rivers of Light were escorted to the front row of the show. It was an excellent view. Although we were about 10-15 minutes before show-time, the theater was pretty full so it was amazing to walk right to the front row (left side).

My overall opinion is that the tour provided what was promised - 6 FPPs for the main rides at Animal Kingdom - however the price was very steep at $250 (so $40 per FPP, plus a snack and a lanyard). We spent a lot of time waiting for the whole group to “catch up” at the rides and then keeping everyone assembled through the queues and assembling again after the rides. I do no think that I would take this tour again. I think if Disney were to split the tour into smaller groups, everything could be accomplished faster or perhaps 2 or 3 additional rides could be included. At $200, this tour would be a better value (in my eyes).

Wild Africa Trek is a much better value at ~200 with 2 dedicated guides for 12 people and photos included.


Many thanks for taking the time to write that review. I’m booked on this tour in June.

I had heard that tour groups were being offered the chance to ride FOP a second time instead of going to ROL. Was that not offered to you?

I think the tour is worth it for me — I want the certainty of riding FOP and Na’vi without the stress of many hours of queuing.

(That being said, I’m tempted to queue for FOP last thing at night one night as I actually want to see the queue. You miss out if you do the FPP line.)

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I saw in another review that there was rain one day and they were offered a chance to ride FOP again instead of Rivers of Light. We were not offered and I don’t think there would have been time anyway. We could have shortened the snack, but they gave us ~30 minutes there.

I booked it for exactly the same reason - I couldn’t get a FPP for FOP. I did get one for NRJ so I rode that in the morning and again during the tour. I also explored Pandora on my own as there is no time for exploring. You are literally taken from ride to ride. Riding at the end of the night is a good idea, from what I have read.

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I’m scheduling two trips to AK. One for the tour, and one that will include dinner at Tiffins, followed by a ride on Na’vi (I’m aiming for an 8-9pm FPP). After that I’d like to join the regular line for FOP, provided it’s not insanely long.


The queue is 100% worth it!


Profmatt… I laughed when I read your post. I have the exact same plan for June…booked the tour to ensure FPP for Flights and NRJ, then hoping to jump to the Flights stand by line at the end of the tour. I may run the risk of being rude and ask to leave the tour early if necessary to get the stand by line.

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