Revenge of the Solo Trip

That’s the best way to Dole Whip


Oof, I’m calling it. I’m back at the hotel, enjoying some beignets, and heading to the airport when I’m done. I’ll post an update to my day later on. :grinning:


What a sweet way to end the trip!

You’ve had quite a time! It has been such fun following you! Thanks for sharing!


Today was fun and not nearly as lackadaisical as intended, at least partially because of this nonsense:

Honestly, this was way more fun than I’d expected, a lot of very cool and fun interactions were had. I’m a ruffian and a scoundrel.

I did too many things for me to remember, so I’m going to dump a bunch of photos with random thoughts about them.

I unabashedly love the Swiss Family Treehouse. There’s no benefit to rushing through it, it’s the very definition of the journey is the destination. It has some lovely views of the park and some neat scenes.

I’m for sure missing a bunch of ride photos. I might try to track them down later on but today was a good one: Jungle Cruise x2, Pirates, Haunted Mansion x2, Tron x2, and a medically necessary back-row riding of Big Thunder. I also watched philharmagic for the first time (silly fun!) and rode the peoplemover, natch.

I finished the day with a quick few photopasses:

And that’s it! I’m now through security and safely in the bosom of the Club MCO drinking cokes and nibbling of shockingly spicy breaded cauliflower.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I have one more update for you all about something I’ve not really spoken about yet that I’ll post a bit later tonight or tomorrow. This has been a lot of fun to do, and absolutely improved the whole experience of it, sharing it with My Peeps What Get Me. :heart:


Ooooh a surprise!

I always love following your trips! It’s clear how much joy WDW brings you. I’m glad you had such a fun trip.

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So good! :drooling_face:

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I wrote out something longer originally but it ended up being way more personal than I was comfortable with, but: it’s been a very hard couple of years for me, and this trip was part of my healing. I’m not a spiritual person at all, but do like to encourage random coincidences to reflect on. As part of that, I brought along The Wild Unknown Archetype deck, a beautiful tarot-type deck of cards. I drew one for each day I woke at Disney, and here they are.

I feel like together they tell a good story about where I started on my first day, and where I ended up yesterday, with no clear answers but an awful lot to think about. Hippie-dippie, maybe, but it’s given me some focus to my thoughts.

Last night I was exhausted to the point of passing out, but I’m absolutely feeling a lot better after a good night’s sleep. Reflecting on my trip though the lens of the fault line, poet, thread and riddle has given me a lot of peace and a lot more to think about.

I’m back at Disney, this time at Riverside, in a mere 23 days, for another 5-day whirlwind. I’m not sure how much I’ll post next time day-to-day, but I’ll for sure do a trip report. :heart:


Love every bit of this. Every bit. Thank you for sharing.

“Remember who (you) are” struck me. I heard Mufasa during HEA. I wonder if you did too.


Ummmmmm, sir!!! :smiling_face: