Revamped our trip and need another meal suggestion

Bit the bullet and bought our flights to arrive at 7 am on day 1 and depart at 1015 pm on day 10 of our spring trip. Saved $1100 (and justified staying at airport the night before) for the exhaustion that will occur but essentially added 2 park days to our trip as the original flights I was eyeing arrived at 4 pm and departed around 3 pm.

So after completely revamping our trip, including adding a resort/DS day in the middle and park days on arrival and departure day, I need another meal. The ADRs I have are as follows (in order)–1 per day except day 4 with 2 to make multiple people happy that day. I’m still trying to get AP-Snow White for 6 but have two ADRs for 2 and 4 for day 6.

1-Teppan Edo
4-Mama Melrose/Sci Fi
6-Artist Point with Snow White
7-Yak & Yeti
8-Coral Reef
10-1900 PF

Need to fill in one on day 3 . We will do afternoon at AK and want to get back to resort by about 8-9 at latest so we can RD the next am. Prefer interesting/unique place. Staying at Pop so no TS there. We typically like to have 1 TS/day to relax. What are your suggestions for dinner ADR?

How about lunch at Sanaa “on the way” to AK? Or Tusker, if you don’t want the rigmarole (but it’s less unique than Sanaa)

Or if you’re looking at dinner after your afternoon, maybe head over then? AKL is so super close to AK.

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I’m with @OBNurseNH. Sanaa might be our favourite restaurant in all of WDW! There is so much to see at AKL and the food was great, especially the bread service. Yum!!

A lunch would work well with an afternoon start at AK. And you’ll have a better view of the animals, but we have found it to be very cool to visit in the evening as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion @OBNurseNH and @paulasc. I had considered Boma which we liked but buffets are not so relaxing with a gaggle of kids. Off to look for sunset times for that day for an early dinner. Also, love AKL so that would be fun for kids, but also need to check menu to see if kids will like.

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Sanaa is excellent. I prefer if for lunch or early dinner, at least when it’s still daylight, so you can watch the animals. Another option would be Tusker House or Tiffins, both in AK. I typically avoid both CMs and buffets, but I enjoy TH. I haven’t been to Tiffins yet, but it gets excellent reviews.

Kids menu is pretty basic. My very picky eaters always enjoy this meal. If nothing else they can enjoy bread service and dessert which makes a nice light meal. Have done that before!

When we went, we ordered the bread service for the table. My husband ordered his own entree and the kids and I split two meals. It was still way more food than we needed. Plus, they have awesome desserts at Sanaa which we could barely appreciate. Depending on how much your kids eat, you might be okay with just appetizers and desserts.

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If you’ll be at AK, I’d do Sanaa. Bread service is delicious. The meal was one of the best I’ve had at Disney and AKL is fabulous to look at. Lots of animals roaming around. And get some zebra domes to go.