Returning to WDW

Just travelled in Feb. 2019 for the first time to WDW with a group of 11 (5 kids). Had a wonderful time and my TPs were fantastic!! Debating going back next year (just family of 4) (and re-visiting our favorites and adding new things) or visiting other Florida attractions and then going to WDW in 2021 (Feb-March). I know it comes down to a personal choice but wondering if any of you wonderful liners would have any considerations to help me make that decision!

Our family prefers alternating WDW with other things, but it’s very likely you’d enjoy doing things as a group of four, moving more quickly than your larger group did or doing the attractions you missed last trip.


I think this is wise. If you did everything you wanted to on your first trip, if you go back too soon, there won’t be a LOT that has changed. Not that there isn’t plenty to do. But we have interspersed years at Disney with trips elsewhere. One year was a 5 amusement park in 6 days trip (Six Flags Great America, King’s Island, Hershey Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, and Cedar Point). Another year, it was Branson, MO and Silver Dollar City. Twice, we’ve done Universal instead of Disney. Not only does it give us fresh experiences, but it allows us to save a bit of money on those trips for the more expensive Disney trips.

When we go back to Disney, there are usually new things to experience. It will be about 3 1/2 since our 2016 trip when we go in May 2020. Several changes, including FOP, TSL, and, of course, SWGE.

Having said that, if money weren’t an issue, we’d have no trouble going back to Disney every year. :slight_smile:

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If you wait until 2021 the crowds at SWGE will likely have died down a bit, and Ratatouille and Tron might be open.


Not to mention the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster.

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Very very excited about this.

I don’t have enough time to type the adequate amounts of “Very” I’d need here.

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Here. Let me write some software for you:

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Have you ever tried Bush Gardens Williams burg and Kings Dominion? My honeymoon was at Bush Gardens and we always talk about going back.


Thanks for your responses. I agree that travelling as a group of 4 would be much easier. We had rented a house in Kissimmee and that had helped keep costs down. I also like not being in a hotel… being to get lunches ready, do laundry, play in the pool. I would most likely go that route again going back.

I have looked at other parks and enjoyed Disney so much that I fear that I’ll be disappointed elsewhere… is that silly!? :s

My kids will be 5 and 8 and I thought that Bush Gardens would probably be too intense. I had looked at LegoLand, Blue Springs Manatee park, Disney Springs, Gatorland, Wonderworks. Maybe Cocoa beach or Siesta Key (much farther), but it may be too cold for it to be worth it.

Nope. Never been to either. Never really been near those areas to go (at least, not recently).

There have been a few trips planned that would take us to other amusement parks I haven’t been to, but plans (aka, costs) have ultimately led to cutting those things. And many of the amusement parks I’ve been to was so long ago they hardly resemble themselves any longer (such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Over Texas, etc).

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One of our favorite trips to FL was one withOUT Disney. We gave ourselves “permission” to do other parks. Busch Gardens and Aquatica and SeaWorld and Gatorland and Legoland. There is so much to do. And have you considered Discovery Cove? You can do DC and add on SW/BGT for very little more and still be well under WDW tix.

Just some thoughts. Then do WDW in another year or so when more new stuff is open.

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BGW is probably my favorite non-Disney park anywhere.


we live an hour from BGW…i too love that place
Have not been in several years except 2 years ago for Christmas Town they do


Thanks everyone! I like all of your ideas. I might have to revisit the idea of Bush Gardens :slight_smile: