Returning a Ticket

I know Disney has a policy of no refunds on tickets. It’s a long story but I now have an extra 7 day park hopper that I didn’t want or need (but paid for on accident). Is there any good option for selling, or asking Disney to give me the lowest cash value in a giftcard I can use at Disney parks?

Call up WDW, explain the situation, and see what they can do. If the CM can’t do anything, then HUCA (Hang Up and Call Again) - some CMs are more “magical” than others.


I assume if Disney ultimately can’t help, perhaps you could find someone to buy them, friend them on MDE and then reassign the tickets to them?

I haven’t reassigned tickets myself, but on Backside of Magic podcast, they seem to reassign their tickets to other family members and dummy accounts all the time!