Return time estimates: Blog chart vs Evaluate response

When I use the charts located on What Does Genie+ Lightning Lane Availability Look Like? I get one set of return time estimates; but the Touring Plan Evaluate comes up with an entirely different time. For example, on a Medium day (6) for Test Track, if you use 9:00AM to obtain the G+, the blog chart says a return time of 2:45 but the evaluator for the same time comes back with a return time of 4:15. I assume I should use the evaluate estimate?

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The TP Return Time estimates tool has not been accurate. Even though the blog chart is oldish, it’s more accurate than the prediction tool. It has been very difficult to make plans ahead of time that incorporates G+. But, a TP works well though on the day of, when you enter your acquired LL’s in.

If you still want to make your plan ahead as accurate as possible, use It’s historical data, so that means you want to pick a recent day that will compare to yours as far as crowd levels go. After selecting Epcot, then TT, this is what you’ll see:

Epcot was a CL 6 a bunch of days in January and the Return Times at 9:00am for TT range from 1:00pm-3:00pm. You can zoom in. The heat maps will tell you the RT’s at any given time of day.


Thank you for your candid and quick response! Like you guys, I am an analytic person and I enjoy this type of work. Though I must admit, the entire process that Disney has set up is daunting. Somehow you have to plan when your return times will be in order to make restaurant reservations 60 days in advance. I can imagine being in a situation where my return time is right when I have scored the very hard to get Space 220 reservation. I miss the old days: go to the bookstore, buy the current Unofficial Guide, browse through the attractions and the recommendations, and write out a plan to tuck away in my pocket for the day. I think in the final analysis it will be clear that simple is best: arrive about an hour before the gates open and have a plan in place that takes you to about 11:30 – no different than the old days!


Sure thing!

There are some good tips out there that would solve the problem of having an LL Return Time conflict with a dining reservation. In the ‘La Cava’ category of the forum, look for the G+ Advanced Strategy thread’s first post for details.


The grace period is very generous on LLs. Many reports of being allowed up to 119 minutes late - this isn’t advertised and not official policy though.