Return Tickets for Jimmy Fallon Ride

Trying to build out our TP for Universal Studios FL and noticed that, when I optimize my plan, it wants us to get to Jimmy Fallon ride around 12:40pm, but obviously we need the return ticket. When I look at the TP prior to this time, there are no breaks from ride to ride, giving us no time to go get our return tickets. So my question is this…how do I need to account for the time it will take us to go get our Jimmy Fallon tickets? Should I just build a break into the plan somewhere to go get them? Should I go get them first thing when the park opens, or can we get a ride or two in first? I’m a first time visitor to USF (been to Universal in Hollywood), so I’m not quite sure how to approach this return ticket thing.

Any help is appreciated!

My understanding is you can reserve them on the Universal app as soon as you are on park property, so you can do it while you walk or wait in another line!

Also, if you happen to have EP, you don’t need a return ticket.

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As a word of warning, they seem to not offer virtual passes every day. When I couldn’t get it to work on the app, I eventually went over in person and was told that they weren’t offering it that day. We ended up riding mid-afternoon with ~20 min wait. There were things to do while waiting (e.g., a large TV screen with clips), so it worked out well. This was a busy day during Feb vacation.