Resubscribed and old trips are gone

Our last trip was just over a year ago, and we’ve just booked to go back in early June of next year. So, I’ve resubscribed (couldn’t find an option to renew as an existing user) with the same email etc as before, but all my old trips are gone. I like to go over the latest ones when I create my new plans, and I feel a bit lost without them…
Does anyone know if there is a way to get them back…?

I’m guessing there’s no “view past trips” option on the Dashboard?

You can submit a request here:

I’m sure they can fix it for you.

There is a link on the dashboard, called “Show Past Trips.” It is just below the list of your upcoming trips.You can click on it and it will show a list of past trips. You can click on any past trip and it will bring up some information, but it sure seems like a bare bones version of what I expected.

The image is from my laptop.